Sunday, May 25, 2008

Looking for Cassia Green

Stayed in yesterday to read the papers and watch Tv and generally mooch around. Watched Eurovision in the evening and hoped that the French entry would win but all the Eastern Block countries were voting for each other which made a mockery of the whole thing. I don't think we should televise it anymore as it's just become far too political.
This morning we drove to Witton Albion boot and watched as the wind blew all the stuffed toys and lampshades about. Not much there really and the stallholders were really grumpy for some reason? Maybe it was the weather or maybe they wanted France to win too.
Hazel bought another mapping compass measuring tool thingy for 50p in a box. She has about three now and definately a collection.
I didn't get anything mainly because I was still fuming about the wretched Eurovision outcome.
Then we tried to find the other boot sale at Cassia Green near Whitegate. We drove around for ages, down some very pretty lanes with thatched cottages and gold clubs and churches nestling in tiny villages but couldn't find it or any signs even mentioning Cassia Green. I blame the former eastern block countries!


Anonymous said...

Yes those Cheshire Gold clubs, sparkling in the early morning sunshine.
Not many English counties have Gold just shows how rich we all are up here.

wastedpapiers said...

Gold clubs? I meant ofcourse the infamous cheshire cold clubs - the large truncheons made from frozen mushy peas they use to ward off the evil spirits around these parts. And those parts.

treena said...

Glad to see you are still as mad as ever, sorting out the sorting office soon, will you be changing the foot display???

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Treena, Hows the poorly arm? Hope it's better now. Yes, I will change the foot postcards - maybe put up a display of Michael Scott's letters which are amazing.