Monday, May 26, 2008


We drove to Nantwich this morning and to Dagfields which is on the way to Stone. We were looking for a comfy chair for the back room as we are fed up with the dining room chairs to sit on when watching the TV or computer. The antique barns at Dagfields go on for miles and theres so much stuff, it's a bit overwhelming! We didn't find a comfy chair but seeing a wicker garden chair gave us an idea. So saved money by not buying one as we have one already covered in junk in the bedroom I had forgotten about. A couple of plumpy cushions and it should be just the job - and light enough to carry about from one side of the room to the other.
Hazel bought a metal bottle opener to join the other one screwed to the cupboard in the kitchen - another collection starting I think! Also a tin that contained a "Variban" bandage some years ago but now will contain buttons or screws or something similar.
Archie was very good and didn't moan - well, not until later when discussing lunch. We pointed out a few old comics to him but he didn't seem all that bothered. He did find some guitars in various states of tunage to strum though.

There was also the little petting farm and model village with rabbits and chickens living in the houses and windmills etc. A bit like a crazy golf course from a distance. Also freindly goats, sheep, calves and two snoring pigs.

Decided to drive home for lunch as Nantwich seemed closed. The boot sales had finished so time to head off home down the narrow country lanes and try and miss the kamikaze blackbirds diving in front of the car - and the squashed rabbits.

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Adele said...

is place sounds wonderful! I love the goat, posing for the camera.

You are so good at finding bargains - I was impressed with your two chairs for £15 the other week, you'd not find that down here!