Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kedgeree Doo

A nice old photo from the Art nahpro Archive just posted on Flickr. Its me and the Nahpros snapped in 1986 by Hazel. I'd forgottoen all about this one - we have another version with Hazel in that Mrs. Nahpro took. Gosh, we all look so young!
Today I walked into town and got some bread and fish for the feeding of 3. Kedgeree of sorts for tonights din dins.
Also got a nice old Mickey Mouse pop-up book which is a bit battered but only 50p from a charity shop. I could probably sell it on e-bay for twice that!
Home to find a nice pile of post including some old episodes of The Twilight Zone from Jim in Middlesbrough.
Our other neighbours are moving today ( is it something we said? ) and so two lots of new neighbours to get used to.
Archie is off school again with a nasty cold. He's been doing some animation and some piano practice but mostly sleeping.
Nice sunny day here again but typically it will be raining over the bank holiday weekend.
I saw Betty in Age Concern and she said she was doing a boot sale at some football ground in Winsford but didnt know where it was! We fell for that one last time! Thankfully there is one at Witton Albion ground so the local paper says.
Time to go and watch Manchester Utd. and Chelsea in the European Cup Final in Moscow.


scrapatorium said...

What a couple of handsome dudes! And Archie looks adorable.

scrapatorium said...

Whoops, forgive me Archie! I looked again and realized it's not you! You were not even born yet! Cute child, regardless. Paul's daughter?

wastedpapiers said...

Yes, that's Sara who is now a young lady. Archie was just a twinkle in our eyes!