Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Latest papier mache and junk creation made from a plastic milk bottle, toilet roll tube and newspaper and pva glue. Hazel suggested the plaque to put him on which is made from a cardboard box ( record mailer ).

More Doodles

More sketchbook pages from my "Daily Doodle" on FaceCrack.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Shackerley Mere

Managed a sneaky early morning walk around the lake at Shackerley - about a 10 minute drive away , so well within the government guidelines ( not that we take any notice of this moronic bunch of halfwits ) . One good hour long walk and plenty to see - massive fish sploshing about in the shallows, ducks waddling, moorhens plonking, bluebells blimping, geese confronting etc. So great to get some sunshine and fresh air. We felt so much better for it.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Spotty Doggie

My new home made friend who has no idea about social distancing. Made from an old egg box, tea packets and toilet roll tubes etc. Covered in papier mache. 40th day of self isolation.

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Managed to get out to the bluebell woods today which was nice in the sunshine and not too many people about. First we drove to Hazel's Mom's and Sister's to drop off a frozen chicken ( plonk!) at a safe distance and some other groceries they had trouble obtaining. Then to Marbury Country Park which was much quieter than we expected. We felt a bit guilty driving all that way but some people drive up to the Lake District for a 30 minute walk which seems crazy in these strange times. Or strange in these crazy times? Glad for some exercise and fresh air. Some dog walkers but they all kept at a safe distance and gave a frriendly "hello" or "morning". Sat on our favourite bench to hear the birds chirping madly. The distant sound of a child falling off a log. Home again for egg and mushrooms on toast.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Indian Elephant

Latest papier mache and junk sculpture/ thingy based on an elephant mask that Archie bought in India a couple of years ago. In fact all the papier mache Indian things we have around the house that he came home with inspired this series of recycled objects. They are so colourful and charming. I only hope that mine posess a small fraction of that aesthetic.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Chip Fork

Silver chip fork made by Hazel for Easter present. It's for when we go to North Wales and have fish and chips on the prom at Llandudno when all this malarky is over ( fingers crossed!). She asked if I wanted anything stamped or inscribed upon it but I prefer it just the way it is - not even a hole for a chain to go through.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Monday - 30th Day of Isolation

More junk and papier mache constructions ( I hesitate to call them sculptures or even artworks!) Made whilst in self confinement. They are fun to do and pass the time. I am doing the usual collage a day and a daily doodle in my notebook. They will turn up in another blog no doubt. It's Easter Monday and the sun is shining - a bit nippy out though. No early morning walk today. Maybe some execises with Mr. Motivator later or that other fellow on YouTube doing exercises for the over 60's. We seem to have over stocked with frozen peas so made a big bucket of pea soup yesterday with just an onion and some garlic whizzed up. It's like bright green goo. very tasty though depsite not having any mint. The only herbs in the garden so far are parsley and rosemary. No mint to be found.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday

Spotted this old photo of Pitsea market from the 50's or early 60's on FB. Fond memories of buying old 45's ex-juke box records there on one stall. Also the junk and comic stalls worth a visit. Pocket money didn't last very long. Pitsea was a busy hub back then but now a dreadful sea of supermarkets and flyovers. Tragic.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

More Doodlings

Going Slowly Bonkers

More papier mache and recycled stuff things - this time a robot going along with the sci-fi theme. Started a new "sculpture" with empty soya cartons, toilet roll tubes,tomato punnets etc. It might be a surprise - even for me! Run out of flour so using PVA which isn't ideal. Flour is like gold dust these days. Hazel made some bread in the bread maker she borrowed from her Mom and Sister. Seems to be faulty though as the trip switch has gone off twice whilst it was midway in it's doings. I fear the loaf will be ruined and more flour and yeast wasted! Otherwise it's a nice sunny day and we've gathered some rays on the sun trap by the back door. Birds chirping and no aeroplanes flying over which is a bonus! Grab ye silver linings whilst ye can!

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Ray Gun

More papier mache and kitchen junk fun. My Captain Corvid outfit is coming along well - just need Hazel to knit me a cape and I shall be able to do battle with those pesky alien virus scum! Well it keeps me off the streets. Well into the next project now which has its first coat of primer and waiting for the colouring in bit. I bet you can hardly wait?!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

What Day Is It?

I think it might be Wednesday but it's hard to say. Should I cancel my dental appointment? Probably. Managed to get out early for a walk over the park before the dog walkers. Nice to hear the birds chirping and not coughing. Ambled round to the canal and along the towpath for a bit but it was a bit muddy to returned to the park to sit on a bench on the hill to watch the smoke from a nearby bonfire curl up into the steely grey sky. Spied some early shoppers returning from the Co-op. The bread van driving away was a good sign. Maybe they will have some bread and bagels? We met our neighbour walking his dog on the way back. He is a key worker at the bakery he said and had been on night shift. We told him how glad we were of his dedication to baking and we were off now to the Co-op to get some oven fresh comestibles. He laughed. His dog looked at us suspiciously and tugged it's lead to be on his way. Indeed the Co-op was pretty busy with early morning shoppers who foolishly thought coming out early would be a good thing. Hazel went in on her own. I waited outside looking furtive. She managed to get heaps of stuff so we won't starve. Fresh veg. being the only thing really that was lacking. Got spuds, bread, long life milk, stir fry pack, salmon, tins of toms, cakes, ice cream, blimey this weighs a ton! Staggered back home with arms stretched to full capacity. Passed our neighbour with his dog who had driven back from the park for some reason. Not you again ! O how we laughed!