Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Here I am waiting for the plumber. I wonder if this one will turn up? We haven't had much luck with plumbers in the past. Our leaky pipes don't excite them much for some reason - they want whole bathroom suites to enstall and central heating boilers to tinker with - big money jobs.
We went to cinema in Knutsford on Saturday to see the latest Coen Brothers film " Burn After Reading" which was good though not as good as Fargo or Raising Arizona. It took a while to get moving and introduce all the people in it but once it got started it rolled along to a hilarious conclusion with a few Coen Bros. surprises on the way. It was certainly funnier than "No Country For Old Men"!
The next day we went to a boot sale in a nearby village despite the rain. Luckily they had a big community hall to shelter in. Quite a few stalls and got some games and DVD's - two Hitchcock films among them. Hazel got a "magic candle" that changes colour and a zip for her blog. She later took her sister and bought tons of tarnished silver spoons for some reason.
Yesterday I walked into town and got the bus back ( I'm getting lazy ) and did some shopping. Some stocking fillers and milk etc. Found a rusty nail for Hazel's new blog.
Still waiting for plumber. I bet he doesn't come.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Any excuse to hear the brilliant and funny Ukulele Orchestra of GB again.
A bit of a quiet week despite the return to Crewe flea market and the scavanging in piles of boxes. I got a couple of games. One works and the other kind of does, sort of, does. Also a few stocking fillers I can't mention just incase. Winks- taps side of nose.
Lots of shops closing in crewe , even the pound shop. Shows you how bad things are gettings. Where am I supposed to buy my sets of multi-function glue now?
Even the charity shops seemed full of dregs and barrel scrapings.
I have phoned several plumbers today and left messages on their answerphones but not one has phoned back. Maybe my plummy southern telephone voice puts them off? Hazel felt sure they would jump at the chance of repairing our bathroom leaks. They are becoming more drippy than ever now - and we have to empty the baking trays twice a day. Will phone some more tomorrow and pretend to be Albert Tatlock ( before your time obviously! ).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Neglected to take the camera out this weekend so no pics- so here is Big Al Davies doing a fine version of an old song . Not sure who wrote it but Peter Sellers does a good version on one of his Greatest Hits CD's ( also sings it on YouTube on Parkinson I think ).
Anyway, didn't do much yesterday but had a lovely take away curry in the evening to celebrate our anniversary. We were going to go out but decided against it.
Today we went to Aldi and I made a delicious onion,carrot and potato soup for lunch ( even if I say so myself ). This afternoon went to the Antique fair at nearby Craft Centre ( on the way to Chester ). Hazel bought a nice silver match holder with interesting dents in it. She's going to keep her "memories" in it- whatever they might be. I didnt find anything though looked at a few thimbles for the Chad Valley Skiffle Washboard I bought last week. They were far too expensive. Will try the charity shops tomorrow. Archie wanted some enamel badges for his collection but the stall wasnt there this time much to his annoyance.
So no duck feeding today you'll be glad to hear!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crewe Flea Market

Heres the Howard Morrison Quartet to listen to whilst you read about my exciting morning at the flea market in Crewe.
It was sunshine all the way as I rode the old donkey along the winding lanes of Cheshire. That humpty back bridge just passed the Trifle Works is always a problem but the steed circumnavigated it without any hiccups or scraping of hooves. The sparks flying from a big pony and trap last time was something to behold and I am always fearful of a jugganaut or camel coming fastly in the other direction. Thankfully the by-ways were clear save for a few tawny leaves of the old bilge tree fluttering down. The Autumnals were even more astonishing this year and regreted not packing my Hasselblad.
The market was pretty busy despite being chilly and a few bargains were to be had. Some I can't begin to mention but certainly the EP by Edmundo Ros and the curios slovakian SL-UK extended play 45 with titles such as Be Gay, Girl and Song From Detva. Both turned out to be quite dreary I am sad to say.
Then the traipse round the charity shops which turned up a few more curiosities including some Pac Man badges and CD case.
Home for lunch of fried egg and mushrooms on toast. The internet was down for a couple of hours and we feared it was our fualt but a quick frustrating phone call to India soon alloyed our fears - it was a them and the trouble was being poked with a pointy stick down at the depot.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rainy Weekend

Actually it wasn't too bad yesterday - the rain eventually turned up in the evening and spoilt a lot of people's firework parties. Though, around here it still sounded like the Somme! Some bangs were so loud I thought someone had put a firework in our wheelie bin but it turned out to be a neighbour five doors down, so goodness knows what it sounded like in HIS garden!?
This morning it was sunny for a while until we got to the boot sale in Lostock and then the heavens opened so we had a brief window of bargain grabbing opportunity before the plastic sheets where dragged out of car boots and over the stalls and tables of junk. I managed to buy two DVD's = Early Doors -series 2 and Little Miss Sunshine that Ive always wanted to see. Hazel bought some glass candlesticks.
We popped into Granma's for brief chat and dropped some wool off for a Xmas project Hazel wants Audrey to knit for her. Audrey gave us some sweets she's not allowed to have and some mail art to peruse. Granma was still asleep - clever granma!
We drove over to Hartford to another boot sale Betty said was on but saw no sign of it - just as well as the rain was torrential by this time and the windscreen wipers were going full tilt.
So back to the Co-op for a soaking and some breakfast danish pastries and bread.
Now we are back home ofcourse the sky has brightened up and the rain has stopped - typical!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Remember Remember The 5th Of November

Find more videos like this on OPEN Fluxus

These were at Verdin park at the weekend but similar sights now outside as the sky is lit up with rockets and fireworks. We set some off too at the bottom of the garden decorated with candles and a small bonfire under a bentwood chair that has seen better days.
From the charity shop today I got some videos for 50p each- an early Renior and Charles Laughton in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Also a Cd of Arthur Askey songs and skits from the 40's. Some great titles amongst them - The Worm, Why Do Pigs Have Curly Tails? and The Banana.
It's a triple celebration today as its a new president, bonfire night and our 25th anniversary of our first date at a firework party in Alsager, where Hazel was a student. Hard to believe the time has flown by and we are still together.
I couldnt find anything silver but made a collage with some silver paper integrated into it.
It's almost time for Paul Merton in India so better go and wrap this up now.
I made a lentil bake for dinner and the champagne that Hazel's Mom bought round remains unopened . Maybe we will broach it this weekend.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Slava's Snow Show

Saw this wonderful show today at the Lowry.A troupe of Russian clowns I saw some 25 years ago at the Old Vic in London . The show has changed a bit since then but still retains some magical moments. Stupidly I picked up my reading glasses by mistake so couldn't see very well but auditorium was filled with swirling flakes of fake snow most of the time so it didnt really matter!
We got the tram to Salford from Altringham. Luckily the Manchester United supporters had already gone into the Old Trafford ground so no trouble getting there.
We had a quick look round the gallery and the shops and had lunch in the expensive cafe. The ticket machine at Altringham gave us back our money and tickets so we had extra to spend!
More delights this evening as we discovered the annual Rotary Club Firework Display was on in Verdin Park so had a quick egg and chip dinner and went through all the squelchy leaves to the top of the hill and watched another fantastic display.