Friday, November 21, 2008


Any excuse to hear the brilliant and funny Ukulele Orchestra of GB again.
A bit of a quiet week despite the return to Crewe flea market and the scavanging in piles of boxes. I got a couple of games. One works and the other kind of does, sort of, does. Also a few stocking fillers I can't mention just incase. Winks- taps side of nose.
Lots of shops closing in crewe , even the pound shop. Shows you how bad things are gettings. Where am I supposed to buy my sets of multi-function glue now?
Even the charity shops seemed full of dregs and barrel scrapings.
I have phoned several plumbers today and left messages on their answerphones but not one has phoned back. Maybe my plummy southern telephone voice puts them off? Hazel felt sure they would jump at the chance of repairing our bathroom leaks. They are becoming more drippy than ever now - and we have to empty the baking trays twice a day. Will phone some more tomorrow and pretend to be Albert Tatlock ( before your time obviously! ).


Jonathan said...

Thanks for turning me on to the
Ukulele Orchestra of GB...
I've Youtubed a lot of their stuff.

wastedpapiers said...

Your'e welcome Jonathan. Glad you like them too. I can't imagine anyone NOT liking them! And yet.. there are weird people in this world who walk out of Coen Brothers films in the middle, as they did last night in Knutsford.

wastedpapiers said...

One plumber did phone back eventually thankfully and will be round on Tuesday to have a look at our antiquated pipework.

Jon said...

This ukelele clip was just the thing I needed to cheer me up today! Thanks