Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Here I am waiting for the plumber. I wonder if this one will turn up? We haven't had much luck with plumbers in the past. Our leaky pipes don't excite them much for some reason - they want whole bathroom suites to enstall and central heating boilers to tinker with - big money jobs.
We went to cinema in Knutsford on Saturday to see the latest Coen Brothers film " Burn After Reading" which was good though not as good as Fargo or Raising Arizona. It took a while to get moving and introduce all the people in it but once it got started it rolled along to a hilarious conclusion with a few Coen Bros. surprises on the way. It was certainly funnier than "No Country For Old Men"!
The next day we went to a boot sale in a nearby village despite the rain. Luckily they had a big community hall to shelter in. Quite a few stalls and got some games and DVD's - two Hitchcock films among them. Hazel got a "magic candle" that changes colour and a zip for her blog. She later took her sister and bought tons of tarnished silver spoons for some reason.
Yesterday I walked into town and got the bus back ( I'm getting lazy ) and did some shopping. Some stocking fillers and milk etc. Found a rusty nail for Hazel's new blog.
Still waiting for plumber. I bet he doesn't come.


Roger Stevens said...

We really enjoyed Burn After Reading.
have you got your bus pass yet? Can't remember if your older or younger than me.

I've got to go to the station later to see if anyone handed in Jilly's phone which she left on the train.
I'll go by bus.

Roger Stevens said...

Sorry I meant you're not your. I'm getting very slapdash in my old age. I'll be texting next and saying 2 instead of to or too.

wastedpapiers said...

I'm far too young to have a bus pass! If only. I use mine all the time especially coming back from town. I havent tried going further afield yet. Buses are full of old fogies travelling free - clogging up the gangway with their zimmer frames and baskets on wheels!