Monday, October 31, 2005

All Hallows Eve

Here's that box lid I made a few years back in homage to mexican illustrator of Day Of The Dead - J.G. Posada. It seems appropriate for Halloween. Archie has been busy carving pumpkins again with my help. We did two small ones today to put in the window and light later. Now he's putting the finishing touches to a Guy Fawkes effigy he's made from dozens of toilet roll tubes and cartons. the head is a papier mache stuck to a balloon with streamer hair.
No school today - one extra day of half term. We have a stack of sweets for the kids who arrive. Archie is dressing up as DEATH again with a cowl and sythe and voice changer gizmo that makes him sound like Darth Vadar with a bad cold! He's going round with Thomas from over the road I think like they did last year.

Homage to J.G.Posada Box

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkins galore!

Terror Tots
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Looking for the boot sale today at the Cabbage Hall ( don't ask!) but didn't find it. It was raining so probably just as well. Went instead to the Farm Shop nearby which was massve and more like a delicatessen with hundreds of cheeses, wine, an olive selection, and tons of vegetables we suspect weren't grown anywhere near the farm! So we bought some garlic, assorted oily herby olives and a big stick of brussels for Audrey (it's the only veg. besides peas she will eat).
Home again for a second breakfast. Those Hobbits had the right idea!
Now it's the afternoon and hazel and Archie have gone for a ski lesson at the "pretend" ski slope over near Runcorn with James and his Mum. Archie is off to Austria next Feb. so needs some practise! He's never been before.
Luckily the sun has come out now so hopefully they had the same over there .
O yes, I forget to say that the farm shop also boasted the biggest selection of pumpkins I'd ever seen. Sadly, I left my camera at home , as did Hazel, so didnt take a photo of them.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pumpkin time!

Pumpkin time!
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Archie carved the traditional All Hallows Eve pumpkin yesterday afternoon. I made a curried pumpkin and mixed veg stew with the innerds but it wasnt one of my best! We'd run out of onions and garlic which might have helped the flavour a little. I'd forgotten just how mushy the pumpkin goes when boiled for some time. Oh well, it's only once a year!
This morning I walked into town and back for some exercise. The library had it's book sale again and all the books were being sold very cheaply - 5 for a quid! I found Archie some guitar music books - one of Eric Clapton tunes and another of classical pieces. Also the three volumes of George Melly' s amusing biography "Owning Up" in one paperback. I'd read most of them but not the first about his childhood in Liverpool so looking forward to that.
Another book was about the Glastonbury music festival from its early hippie days until now.
Needless to say , these all weighed me down quite a bit so I was careful not to buy any more stuff than I could help!
Our garden shed has sprung a leak and it seems the roofing felt has split after only 5 or 6 years. I was hoping it would last longer than that. Hazel bought two rolls of new from B & Q and I nailed it down over the old this afternoon as the weather was fine enough to do it. It only took a couple of hours and I only hit my thumbs twice , which must be some kind of record!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day trip to Manchester.

Just back from a tiring morning in Manchester. Had to get up at 6.00a.m. to get the train with Hazel. Had breakfast in the college canteen. Then we left Hazel to her tutoring and went to the Cornerhouse to see the drawings and models from the film "Corpse Bride" and hand in some forms about the Exposures Film Fest. that Archie is in. Tried to get some tickets but none available yet. Then to the Science Museum to see the "Story Rooms" exhibit of inter-active installations and sculptures which was fun. Archie particularly enjoyed the rooms with a big bean bag cushion to slump on and in an indentical room with a bean bag cushion another child was slumped and by means of some trickery the image on the TV screens around the room depicted two children on the same cushion! So it was fun to play at fights and arm wrestling etc. without human contact. Clever stuff. There was also a shed which you could go in and your image was projected into a small lilliputian shed in another room- and the person looking into the window of the tiny shed had their huge face projected onto the bigger sheds window!
After wandering around the steam engines and the cotton mills and the spinning jennys and the aeroplanes we went and had some lunch ouside in the warm October sunshine. Very warm it was too! One of the hottest October days for 50 years apparently.Phew! No wonder we were getting tired by this point and so we set off for the station via the city centre. Popped in Waterstones bookshop to see Ricky "My Arse" Tomlinson singing his latest best seller.
Its nice to get home and make a nice cup of tea. Hazel just phoned to say "You didn't stay around long?!" No stamina some people!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You Done My Brain In

You Done My Brain In
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This is a collage made for the Bonzo Dog Band group "My Pink Half Of The Drain Pipe" thats on Flickr. I plan to do more collages of Bonzo songs as they are so strong visually.
Walked into town this morning despite the drizzle. Did my usual tour of the charity shops, the library, the bank and the post office. I bought some magic tricks which will probably put away for stocking fillers. Also got a pile of Cd's for 30p each from the Salvation Army shop which included Human League's "Dare" and Edwyn Collins "Georgous George".
Archie heard that his two animations have been accepted for the under 18's film festival in Manchester. No surprise to me really. We are looking forward to the "premiere" and seeing them on the big screen in December.
Hazel bought a new hutch for Flo today and we got her in from the garden as the fireworks have started to go off at night as Guy Fawkes draws near.
She seemed very happy with her new home and after a brief inspection was lying around inside like the Queen of Sheba!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

One Flu OverThe Penguins Nest

Postcard for Lord Penguin
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No chickens encountered on my walk into town this morning thankfully but just incase I wore my balaclava helmet back to front and a bag over my head.
Not much to be found but a scratchy Lp of Bob Wallis and his Dixieland Jazz Band from the Help The Aged shop. Also a video of M. Hulot's Holiday which I've always wanted to see again.
I declined Ring Of Bright Water DVD in the Daily Wail as I don't remember it being all that great. I read lots of Henry Williamson when I was younger too.
Archie is actually taking part in a Book Quiz at school and will be getting a bad name as a "swot" if he's not careful. Its all girls mostly who are doing it. He's had to read a book about the first world war - a bit gloomy and depressing for a 13 year old! Ring of Bright Water or Tarka The Otter would have been a better bet. It's good to see him taking part in things though and just hope he doesn't get put off if he doesn't do well. They have a useless awards system at his school now were "Merits" are collected over the year and you have to get 300 or something stupidly high to get a ten pound book token. He says the teachers are very "tight" with them and only give out one or two, even for exeptional work. So far he's only aquired a measly 80 so impossible for him to get the maximum ammount before the end of term. Just adding this postscript. Back from seeing the new Tim Burton film "Corpse Bride" which is great though perhaps not so enjoyable as "The Nightmare Before Christmas". It was spoiled rather by a wailing infant about six rows behind us who's stupid parents seeemd oblivious to his torment and the torment of those in the audience. Poor child will have nightmares for weeks I expect!

Watch a short Quicktime movie about the 6oth birthday of the Regal from a local TV programme HERE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wimoweh! Wimoweh!

The "Welly Boot Dance" was very good but the highlight of the Black Omfolosi gig tonight at Archie's school was their rousing version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". It was nice to see the hall packed out and the audience joining in. The last show their was only half full and very subdued.
Hazel was roped into serving tea and biscuits in the interval but she did get in free.
Just noticed that the Spike Theatre Company from Liverpool are playing at Northwich's Harlequin Theatre soon too so things are looking up on the culture front. We've seen them before on a few occasions and they are always entertaining.
I went to Chester today for a change and waited ages for a train that was delayed. I nearly came home again but it appeared around the corner just in time.
Among my bargains were a Max Bygraves EP that I have featured on Boot Sale Sounds today. Also an Lp by the Houghton Weavers. I bought a few cheap postcards from the Save the Children shop which will be useful for the postcard swap we are doing at Flickr.
I had neglected to take my camera and missed an opportunity of snapping the Roman Centurions who were marching around the town. "Sinister! Dexter! Sinister! Dexter!" etc.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Zap! Pow! Clonk! Twang!

Batman and Robin
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Ah, the elastic has gone on Batman's underpants again!
Here's a collage from the archive I uploaded for the new theme of Super Powers at Collage Kids on Flickr. Not quite sure what super powers Batman had though? I don't really think he had any.
Super Blogging has really taken hold here but alas I seem to be falling behind with updates. Not enough hours in the day to add things to them all and do the collages and all the other things one gets distracted by. Before you know it, it's time to make the dinner and collapse in front of the telly.
I did wander into town again as the library sale is still on and DVD's CD's and videos have been reduced to a measly pound each. I know I'll never have time to watch any of them! Still a pile of freebies from newspapers piling up. Today DVD's from Wim Wenders and Bertilucci! What next - Citizen Kane and Battleship Potempkin?
Yes FREE! In todays Daily Sport - the complete works of Shakespeare and as a special bonus "Last Year In Marienbad"!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Drunken Tea Cakes!

Drunken Tunnocks Boy
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Archie had a pretty good birthday I think. Lots of presents and money and chocolate. Hes' putting all the money in the bank. Archie is very good at saving for long term projects. I don't remember having any savings when i was his age.
I walked into town yesterday and managed to avoid the rain showers- diving into the market hall and the charity shops etc. I got some nice crusty bread and a free DVD of the Two Ronnies from the Sun newspaper. Not one I usually buy but I can't resist a DVD for 30p. It was a bit of a palaver though as you had to tear out the voucher inside whilst a queue of people waited to be served! Later it turns out the DVD is only 35 minutes long but still worth the hassle and the rabbit is very pleased with her new bedding!
I've been having fun with this Face Morphing Tool at Flickr just lately. This Tunnocks Tea Cakes boy was transformed in a variety of ways my favourite being the "drunk" version above.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Birthday Boy

Its Archies 13th birthday today so he opened his cards and pressies before going off to school. Hazel was on the train to Manchester so just me here to take a few photos, one of which is above. Hazel will be home this evening for special birthday pizza and more presents.
On Saturday we went for a celebratory curry over at Marsden? -about 5 miles away just past the Witton Albion F.C. ground on the road to Lostock . It was quite busy and a huge barn like place behind a pub. Mostly families with kids so very noisy too! We had to wait almost an hour for our meal which was annoying though it was very tasty when at last it did arrive.
On Sunday we stayed in as there were sadly no boot sales on that we knew of. I was to make a special Sunday lunch for us all but Granma wasnt feeling up to it and so we just had a nut roast, yorkshire puds and roasted spuds,parsnips etc.
Hazel took Audrey out to the garden centre to get some rabbit bedding and pellets for Flo and look at the hutches as the one she has is slowly falling apart and she will be indoors soon when the fireworks start going off.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

He stoops to conker!

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Archie is still filling the big basket full of conkers. He's getting round to putting strings through a few so he can rap my knuckles a few times.
The German animation fest. thing was a mistake but we haven't the heart to tell Archie yet. They apparently told every single person who entered that they had work accepted! How stupid. Nevermind, Archie has other irons in the fire and the Cornerhouse seems keen on his new animation for the Exposures festival next month and also asked if he could finish the animation for the band Wevie Stonder which he has started but hasn't quite finished yet. The band gave their approval and might even back project it at a gig if it's good enough.
Yesterday I caught up with some neglected mail art and finished off copying some cassettes to CD for Jim who sent me a stack of tapes. Some were so interesting I added them to my Boot Sale Sounds blog. Jim has promised some rare novelty songs in return so how could I refuse!
Hazel's knee is still a bit numb but she didn't go to the doctors. Probably a trapped nerve we think after some internet searching for similar ailments- all that walking on soft sand and kite flying last week.
It's Archies birthday next week. He's turning into a teenager! Help! He's growing up so quickly and takes the same shoe size as Hazel now ( 6 ). It doesnt seem all that long ago I was pushing him around in a buggy!

Monday, October 03, 2005

A scanner in the works.

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A quiet day at home today as I had a few things to catch up with. I added a couple of things to my blogs and dubbed a cassette to a CD for a friend. Added some collages to Flickr including this one which I made on the scanner. I changed it later with an additional robot and got rid of the gear cut-away. You can find it HERE.
Archie heard that he has three small animations accepted to a German film festival. Their website doesnt seem to be up and running yet so can't put a link. Will try later. Hazel took in the film he is entering for this years Exposures Film festival in Manchester.
Archies collection of conkers is growing steadily and it now fills a huge basket by the back door. He's only just getting round to drilling holes in some so we have a conker championship.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Is it stuffy in here or is it me?

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Boot sale time again but I didn't find much. At the first at Witton Albion I found a Hank Snow EP that looked promising but was very scratched and the songs were nothing special. Hazel bought some very thin mapping pens in a box and Archie found some old videos of Red Dwarf.
At the next one, close by in the carpark of the pub in Lostok I got a Lonnie Donegan EP but I have a feeling I have all the tracks on a CD somewhere. Hazel bought some second hand potatoes.