Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day trip to Manchester.

Just back from a tiring morning in Manchester. Had to get up at 6.00a.m. to get the train with Hazel. Had breakfast in the college canteen. Then we left Hazel to her tutoring and went to the Cornerhouse to see the drawings and models from the film "Corpse Bride" and hand in some forms about the Exposures Film Fest. that Archie is in. Tried to get some tickets but none available yet. Then to the Science Museum to see the "Story Rooms" exhibit of inter-active installations and sculptures which was fun. Archie particularly enjoyed the rooms with a big bean bag cushion to slump on and in an indentical room with a bean bag cushion another child was slumped and by means of some trickery the image on the TV screens around the room depicted two children on the same cushion! So it was fun to play at fights and arm wrestling etc. without human contact. Clever stuff. There was also a shed which you could go in and your image was projected into a small lilliputian shed in another room- and the person looking into the window of the tiny shed had their huge face projected onto the bigger sheds window!
After wandering around the steam engines and the cotton mills and the spinning jennys and the aeroplanes we went and had some lunch ouside in the warm October sunshine. Very warm it was too! One of the hottest October days for 50 years apparently.Phew! No wonder we were getting tired by this point and so we set off for the station via the city centre. Popped in Waterstones bookshop to see Ricky "My Arse" Tomlinson singing his latest best seller.
Its nice to get home and make a nice cup of tea. Hazel just phoned to say "You didn't stay around long?!" No stamina some people!


scrapatorium said...

The interactive installations sound like a blast! I have a good friend who is a video artist in LA who did a human cockfight game. Each participant put on a rooster outfit which is hooked up to a video game of two roosters fighting. Based on movements they made, the roosters on the video game would deliver blows to its opponent. Quite funny. Not the video, but the antics of the humans.

hazel said...

You didn't tell me he was SINGING his latest thats somethings I would like to see!

Cate said...

What a great picture of your son. He looks like a young Jedi Knight!

Syl said...

I've never heard of someone singing their book! Although I did see a Geof Huth performance that had an old world tribal chant and yell.

michael said...

Sounds like cock-a-doodle-daft to me! Art should be more fun than it is I think. Far too much serious stuff around.
I meant "signing" his book ofcourse- silly me. Getting my worms mixed up again!

Roger Stevens said...

Sorry to mention this, Michael, but you made a mistake in your last comment when you wrote signing instead of singing.

Last week that Eats, Shoots and Leaves woman was dancing her new book round Borders.

But listen - it's late. I've got to go to bed.


Sweet dreams.

And well done Archie!

Roger Stevens said...

Lynne Truss. Just remembered,

It's an odd name isn't it?

michael said...

Not as funny as Alphonse Gartergrip.

Roger Stevens said...

Is that Gerta Gartergrip's brother?

Who, by the way, is no relation to Gerta Gripman.