Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Drunken Tea Cakes!

Drunken Tunnocks Boy
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Archie had a pretty good birthday I think. Lots of presents and money and chocolate. Hes' putting all the money in the bank. Archie is very good at saving for long term projects. I don't remember having any savings when i was his age.
I walked into town yesterday and managed to avoid the rain showers- diving into the market hall and the charity shops etc. I got some nice crusty bread and a free DVD of the Two Ronnies from the Sun newspaper. Not one I usually buy but I can't resist a DVD for 30p. It was a bit of a palaver though as you had to tear out the voucher inside whilst a queue of people waited to be served! Later it turns out the DVD is only 35 minutes long but still worth the hassle and the rabbit is very pleased with her new bedding!
I've been having fun with this Face Morphing Tool at Flickr just lately. This Tunnocks Tea Cakes boy was transformed in a variety of ways my favourite being the "drunk" version above.


Cocaine Jesus said...

I think I prefer the original to this Doctor Who scary dummy!

scrapatorium said...

You crack me up M! I just knew you would get into that morphing tool. However, didn't think you would use it for your collages! Leave it to your brain. ;-)

michael said...

I think I have worn out the morphing tool now. It was fun whilst it lasted!

Syl said...

I'm sure Archie had a splendid day...his cake sounded yummy.
Have gotten lots of laughs from your morphs...the things you did to poor Hazel!
We're off to a friends opening raw rainy weather but will be worth it. The artist used to work (and was very successful) with oil...then had a stroke. He's had to learn to paint with his left hand...but in watercolour now. It's his first show and should be lots of people there.
Try to stay dry...that can be a challenge!

michael said...

Thanks Syl. Glad you enjoyed the morphs. You can thank Angelica for finding that link.

Roger Stevens said...

I don't really think that's justification for buying the Sun though!

michael said...

You're probabaly right Roger. I slunk off feeling very guilty if it's any consellation to you! Flo (a grumpy rabbit) enjoyed reading it too!