Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Marsden _ Dave's Funeral

In Marsden for Dave's funeral and wake. April 2023. Hazel and Tanya did an excellent job of sorting out funeral plans and admin that goes with it. Hazel cut some Camelia from Daves garden to decorate the coffin. Humanist service in Halifax at delightful crematorium high on hill with blossoming cherry trees all around. I should have taken a photo but didnt seem right at the time. Wake was at local cafe and later at pub beer garden by the riverwith ducks coming into land every so often. Even a fly past by tow low flying jets! Who organised that I wonder?

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Bluebells At Marbury

This mornings wander around the gorgeous bluebells at Marbury woods in the lovely sunshine. We had the whole place to ourselves which was nice ( except for the twitterpated birds and squirrels!) 20th April 2023.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Griffiths Park

No boot sales today. A bit drizzly We did venture out to the park though and had a wander down to the canal. Saw one solitairy duck looking furtive on the other side of the water. More vans and diggers down by the TATA factory for some reason. Expanding their empire? Sat on the bench on the hill for a short while. Decided it was too cold and windy and wet to sit there for much longer. Home again via the Co-op to drop off some plastic bags.

Sunday, April 09, 2023

First Boot Sales Of The Year

Slim picken's at the two boot sales we went to this morning at Vagrants and Weston (near Crewe). Nice sunny day but a bitter wind was blowing so made it feel quite nippy. I should have worn my duffle coat! The thin raincoat wasn't doing it for me. Hazel had a thinner coat too and wished she'd worn something more substancial. I found nothing at Vagrants and the toilets were locked so took ages to get the bloke to open them. He said the wind had blown it shut. The next sale was a short drive away on the way to Stone. Much bigger but mostly household stuff and kids toys etc. Found a DVD of a Bill Murray film I'd not seen "Larger Than Life". Hazel got a few things including a fancy magic set in a wooden box, a moustache cup inscribed to a "Mr Harry Jones", some plants, an enamel bowl etc. It was nice to get back to the warm car.

Wednesday, April 05, 2023


Nice sunny day for a drive over to Alsager and lunch with our old friends Tone and Pene. Delicious pasta and tomato based sauce and garlic bread etc. A walk afterward to the Salt Line ( once a train track carrying goods to the potteries ) and around the pond nearby. Back to have pudding in the back garden. Yummy strawberry muffins and tea. A pigeon pretending to be a crow inthe tree above us. Quite warm now in thier sun trap of a garden. Good to see photos from their Australia trip at Xmas time.

Monday, April 03, 2023

Neumann's Flashes

More walks about the local area. Yesterday was over at Griffiths Park and today Neumann's Flashes on the road that goes behind the tip towards Warrington. Bright dazzling sunshine but a bit nippy - even some frost this morning. Walked through the woods and found a bird hide to sit in. Observed far way ducks or geese. We could hear lots of birds chirping but they stayed well hidden. Twitchers laughing in the distance? Not sure why they were so amused - we kept well away.

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Marsden - Halifax

Another trip overnight to see Dave in hospital in Halifax. Managed to have a nice walk to the resevior in Marsden. Hair raising drive around the windy lanes of West Yorshire - daffs looking good at the moment.