Thursday, November 08, 2012

Charity Market

I look forward to the annual charity market but know I will be bitterly disappointed by how many stalls are just tombola and covered in those nearly new gifts people have had mouldering away in pantries and cupboards for the last year! It was as I suspected- old dusty bottles of Blue Nun and bath salts, doilies and knitted whatsits. Stuff people will win and then bring back the next year to be in the next raffle - and so the wheel of life goes on! Anyway, I bought a couple of stocking fillers and a DVd of some Roger Corman films for 50p. Then a mooch round the rest of the towns charity shops. Home again to add finishing touches to this collage that was intended as a banner for my audio blog but realised it wasn't quite up to scratch.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Exhibition - Marburae Gallery

Exhibition I'm taking part in soon at the Marburae Gallery in Macclesfield. It's actually situated in a piano showroom but a very nice big light space and they have piano recitals there too sometimes. Do come along if you live nearby. I took the work along recently in a large carrier bag. 6 collages in all. Quite cumbersome on the train but I managed to get there OK . Changed at Stockport and then just one stop. The Virgin train to Bournemouth was very packed but got a seat. Macclesfield is very hilly but has a very nice pedestrianised shopping street with lots of charity shops which is always a bonus as you know. I didn't find any bargains but had a good nose round. Found the Silk Museum ( two of them infact ) and went to both- the larger being full of amazing looms and machines for doing things to silk thread.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Post Early For Xmas!

Norman has asked me to remind you all......