Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Exhibition - Marburae Gallery

Exhibition I'm taking part in soon at the Marburae Gallery in Macclesfield. It's actually situated in a piano showroom but a very nice big light space and they have piano recitals there too sometimes. Do come along if you live nearby. I took the work along recently in a large carrier bag. 6 collages in all. Quite cumbersome on the train but I managed to get there OK . Changed at Stockport and then just one stop. The Virgin train to Bournemouth was very packed but got a seat. Macclesfield is very hilly but has a very nice pedestrianised shopping street with lots of charity shops which is always a bonus as you know. I didn't find any bargains but had a good nose round. Found the Silk Museum ( two of them infact ) and went to both- the larger being full of amazing looms and machines for doing things to silk thread.

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