Monday, June 26, 2017

More Birthday Photos

Lovely day out at Anderton Boat Lift with Barb, Dee, Des, Steve and Hazel. A river trip and lunch afterwards in the Salt Barge again as the Stanley Arms was closed for refurbishment. Later went to Granma's for a slap up feed. The next morning we met up again for breakfast at our place so everyone could meet Meriel who was over for a couple of days from Dublin. Sisters and other halves went back to Essex soon after. Such a great weekend!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Early Cinema Memories

"Attached photos of a small village cinema in Pitsea, Essex. that I used to frequent as a child. They had a wonderful Childrens Matinee Club ( you even got a badge!) back in the 50's and 60's. In the B&W photo you see it in its heyday and today its sad new role as a Bingo Hall - the fate of so many old cinema's in the U.K.. ( The one in Northwich is also a Bingo emporium despite being a beautiful old listed building )." "The first film I ever saw was probably elsewhere but here was my first real interactive cinema experience with all those kids screaming and shouting for the heroes and villians and the sound of sweets,bubblegum, sherbet dabs, gob stoppers and fizzy pop being slurped, sucked, gurgled and used as a projectile! The clean up afterwards must have taken an army of usherettes all afternoon to clear the debris of wrappers, boxes and bottles. The wonderful films included all the old favourites- Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Wizard of Oz, Roy Rogers, Robin Hood, Pirates, Cowboys and Aliens. Also with a feature film came a weekly serial like Captain Marvel, Batman ( when he was rather chubby and in black and white!) Captain Video and Rocket man. Those Republic serials from the 50's were wonderful and made a big impression at the time as we'd rush home to make our own ray gun from cardboard or a sword from an old bamboo cane etc. a pillow case for a cape and utility belt from Dad's old braces!" --Michael Leigh--

Thursday, June 22, 2017

70th Birthday

Gosh! How did I get to be so old?! Despite this alarming knowledge I did have a very nice day with friends , first at a pub lunch by the Trent & Mersey canal. Al fresco in the beer garden which was very hot and I caught the sun on my arms. Old chums Tony Pene and Trevor turned up which was a nice surprise. Had fish 'n chips and mushy peas swilled down by half of shandy. Prostate doesn't allow me to drink vast quantities anymore. The joys of growing old! Hazel had to drive Archie to work sowhilst she was doing taxi duty we went for a walk along the canal. Later went to Hazel's Mom's and sister nearby for tea and cake and blowing out of candles etc.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Grozone - Transition Get Together

Nice afternoon at Grozone/ Transition Get Together picnic and Jo Cox aligned day. A communal outdoor space/ allotment type set up. Hard to describe - green issues/ ecology/ etc. Local group part of worldwide network of like minded souls trying to change the world by working at grass roots level. Watched a film in a yurt explaining but it was so incredibly hot in there my mind wasn't really taking it all in! Thankfully it was only 5 mins. and interupted by toddler who wandered in. Lots of learning difficulties, Downs syndrome, autism folk there too with their families. Nice to see so many enjoying a day out- pitching in with food ( pizza oven on site ) live band playing on mud patch. Free stuff stalls. We took along some old DVD's and books. Hazel got a an old Lotto game to use the numbers in her exhibition. Lots of T-shirts for rag rugs etc. So much going on around the 2 acre site- some marshmallow burning in the woods, craft stalls, printing, bicycle repair shops ( get a free bike!) and all manner of other stuff too numerous to mention. Also a film on at the local museum afterwards for anybody with energy enough to drag themselves there. Tomorrow it was called- about sustainability etc. That;s me in the funny hat.