Monday, June 19, 2017

Grozone - Transition Get Together

Nice afternoon at Grozone/ Transition Get Together picnic and Jo Cox aligned day. A communal outdoor space/ allotment type set up. Hard to describe - green issues/ ecology/ etc. Local group part of worldwide network of like minded souls trying to change the world by working at grass roots level. Watched a film in a yurt explaining but it was so incredibly hot in there my mind wasn't really taking it all in! Thankfully it was only 5 mins. and interupted by toddler who wandered in. Lots of learning difficulties, Downs syndrome, autism folk there too with their families. Nice to see so many enjoying a day out- pitching in with food ( pizza oven on site ) live band playing on mud patch. Free stuff stalls. We took along some old DVD's and books. Hazel got a an old Lotto game to use the numbers in her exhibition. Lots of T-shirts for rag rugs etc. So much going on around the 2 acre site- some marshmallow burning in the woods, craft stalls, printing, bicycle repair shops ( get a free bike!) and all manner of other stuff too numerous to mention. Also a film on at the local museum afterwards for anybody with energy enough to drag themselves there. Tomorrow it was called- about sustainability etc. That;s me in the funny hat.

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