Monday, June 25, 2018

Pub Lunch

A late birthday celebration with old cums Tony and Pene - a nice pub lunch at the Salt Barge by the Trent & Mersey Canal. Went for a pleasant wander down the tow path afterwards to walk off the fish, chips and local brew. Then back to the pub to see what the football score was. When we left England were winning 2-0 against Panama but on our return, 50 minutes later it was 6 - 1 to England. Not really that much excitement in the beer garden though. We came back to ours for some birthday cake and tea in the back garden. A friendly robin had a bath nearby in the old weighing scales. Very warm!

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Vagrants and Weston Boot Sales

Slim pickens at the two boots today alhtough we had fun taking a detour because of some accident or other near the last but one roundabout. Somehow managed to take the right turning without the sat-nav's help and ended up on the right road. Very warm again. Weston cricket club was first - very busy. Din't get much just some CD bags, which are always useful. Also a plastic water pistol for Archie's collection. 20p. Vagrants was a lot quieter and peope were starting to pack up even though it wasn't even 11 o'clock! I didn't find anyhing. Hazel got a few bits and bobs including a thermometer ( for jam?) a hand blown glass jug, some plants, rusty wire and some other stuff. Roads were fine on the way home. Had tomatoes on toast - not the home grown ones Hazel bought at the boot sale but some that had been in the fridge for ages and just about edible. Yum!