Monday, August 29, 2022

Penultimate Boot at Blakemere

Nice sunny morning and a big turn out at Blakemere's sloping field. I got a pile of DVD's including Frank Capra's "Arsenic And Old Lace" that Ive been wanting to see for some time. Cheap copies are hard to find on Ebay. Also some Ferench films, The Old Man And The Gun with Robert Redford and Sissy Spaceck etc. Hazel got a few things too including a big bucket shaped ceramic, a plant, some pencils, and theatre binoculars which has printed on them "NOT TO BE TAKEN AWAY". Now we have two pairs on our mantlepiece with all the other clutter!

Saturday, August 27, 2022

More Dublin and Dun Lueghure Snaps

Lovely few days in Dublin and environs. The seaside just south of Dublin Bay was particulary nice and the weather was just right. We were worried about flying after so long but it wasn't too bad despite the bank holiday crowds. Plane there was only 10 minutes late and coming back about the same. Had tours of the local area thansk to Meriel and her Mom. The Killruddery House and gardens- the seaside at Dun Leughurne and long climb to the Killeny Obelisk , a local landmark with wonderful 360 degree views of Dublin Bay and all along the coast where Bono , the Edge, Enya etc. live. Some delicious food at various places - a nice hilltop pub for fish and chips that we paid for, delicious chowder in a barn type resturant on the Killguddery Estate, a yummy take away curry, and Meriel and Archie made multiple pizzas one evening.


Sunday, August 21, 2022

Whitegate Way and Boot Sale

This mornings boot sale finds at Whitegate - the last of the season sadly. I found a nice tin plate repro monkey riding a trike. Hazel found a casting from West Bromwich so reminded her of home, an old OXO tin, a collection of dice, a weird ceramic comedian with a big arse, and some number punches. Afterwards we went for a walk down Whitegate Way until we felt some drops of rain and then we came home.

Friday, August 19, 2022


Nice day over at tattenhall near Chester visting our old neighbour Beth and taking back the dolls house gallery we borrowed for the Curious Things exhibition at Special Collections in Manchester 3 years ago! Nice wander around the town/village and the local antique shop. Found a rare copy of Charlie Gillett's book "Making Tracks" - perfect holiday reading! Had fish and chips from local chippy.Ate it in Beth and Simon's garden. Lovely sunny but breezy day. I had to keep hold of my hat!

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Community Garden

Early morning walk to the community garden and fishing ponds whilst it was still cool enough to enjoy it. Sat for a while enjoying the sounds of nature - the birds chirping and the butterflies fluttering. Some dog walkers passed by. A couple of coots still dabbling in the fishing pond but most of the youngsters had flown off. Warming up as we wandered home via the railway bridge and cornfield. Phew! Glad we went out early. Hopefully cooler tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Walk By The Weaver Navigation

Lovely new walk just discovered by the River Weaver near Hartford. We've driven passed it hundreds of times but never bothered to stop as we were always off to Hartford, Whitegate or Chester etc. This time we explored around the Royal Vale Woods and found the locks and the signals just beyornd the magnificent viaduct that takes the train to Crewe or Chester. A few joggers and dog walkers but relatively quiet for such a beauty spot. Hazel said if this was near London it would be crammed with people. Too true.

Griffiths Park

I kept spotting bits of detritus in the road as we walked to the park yesterday. The street sweeping lorry thingy doesn't seem to come round as much anymore. Thankfully the park was more colourful!

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Walk To Local Park

Our lockdown walks were so incredibly important and enjoyable. In that same spirit we carry on our local walks and feel the better for iteven though we sometimes ummm and ahhh about getting out when the weather seems slightly wet or windy! We always feel good about ourselves if we make the effort to get out of the house. So this mornings was just up to our local park but a much needed stretch of the legs. Our favourite bench was occupied but we found another and sat in the sun wondering if the lone ant had brothers and sisters climbing up to nibble us! Popped in the Co-op for some sour dough and oven bottoms ( bread buns to you!) a local delicasy.

Friday, August 05, 2022

Anderton Rain and Walk

This mornings walk after the rain at Anderton. Around the fishing ponds and up the Trent and Mersey canal. 5th August 2022.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Walk To The River Dane

This mornings wanderings down by the community orchard and the fishing ponds. Nice and sunny but with a fresh breeze. I had to take my hat off as was scared it would blow away! The coots seeme to have moved on to pastures and waters new - just one solitary coot we could see which kept it's distance. It was nice to see the family (actually two families ) grow up and thrive down there. The cornfield was quite big now and a surprise as we hadn't seen it for a while. Not quite up to an elephant's eye but getting on that way!

Monday, August 01, 2022


A drizzly start to the day but later it brightened up so we ventured out to the boot sale at Blakmere Village. Only a third of what is normally there but enough to make it interesting. Didnt find anything but Hazel bought an old card game called Old Maid from the 50's for 50p. Then to the antique emporium for a rummage but no bargains there either. A bit too pricey these days.