Monday, August 27, 2018

Boots at Blakemere and Moss Farm

Two rather grey and drizzly boot sales this morning with Hazel and Beth. The first at Blakemere was very quiet and the new landscaping seemed much like the old. Hazel got some file boxes - a quid for the lot! The one at Moss Farm was much bigger and I got some DVD's and an old sepia postcard of Westcliff. Hazel got more file boxes, plants, pencils, a trio of egg timers ( different times ) and plastic wallets. There was another boot sale at Lostock but we decided two was enough.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Marbury Walk

Nice walk in Marbury Country Park yesterday. Once the rain stopped it bacame quite a fine day although slightly muggy and overcast. Found a strange hairy seed pod on one tree - not sure what it was? Also Hazel insisted on going to the garden centre to by yet more plants. Home via Granma and Audrey's for a slice of carrot cake and tea.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Glossop and Marsden

Just back from a nice couple of days in Yorkshire. Stayed at our usual B&B and visited Dave who finds it hard to get around these days. Hazel cleaned up his kitchen and sorted loads of stuff for the tip. Nice fish n' chips with Dave and ex-interactive arts student Tanya who lives nearby. Went to Emmaus in Mosely and got a few things including a wooden elephant puppet Hazel bought. Hairy ride over the moors but we made it back in one piece.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Astell Park Steam Rally

Nice day out at the Steam Fair and Auto Jumble etc. over at Astell Park. We noticed the prices of everything seemed higher than previous years so not many bargains. We did buy a few old badges though for 10p each. For lunch we had half a cheese bagel that Archie made and half an Eccles cake. The rain held off thankfully and it turned out to be quite warm and sunny. A strong feeling of deja vu walking round as all the rides and stalls seemed to be in the exact same place as last year!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Gardening and Fish and Chips

Nice day over at Granma's and Audrey's again to help out with garden ( well, I read the paper and played on my tablet ) Hazel and Archie did most of the work. For lunch we tried the Codfather - a well known fish and chip emporium on the way to B&Q. I jumped out to order whilst Hazel and Audrey went to get some plants and WD40 to mend benches in the back garden. Delicious fish and the chips were OK too. So much for our diet! Gardening interrupted by a couple of rain showers.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Chestnut Tree Reunion

Invited over to leafy sanctuary of Heather ( one of Hazel's train gang chums ) near Jodrell Bank ( vanished in the mists on these photos ) who gave a new home to a chestnut tree that Archie planted 20 years ago and it was too big for the pot it was in so they struggled to get it in their estate car and managed to re-plant it . It's good to see it doing so well. Also treated to a lovely slice of cake and some tea.

Rubber Stamping 1980's Style

Me and giant rubber stamp found at flea market in East London ( Cheshire Street ) back in the 80's.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Boot Sales

Two boots today at Care UK and Whitegate ( last of the season sadly ). Didnt find that much - some blank CD's for £2. Hazel got a pile of stuff including heavy iron shoe lasts, tea towels, plant, small suitcase etc. Archie didn't get anything. Nice and warm again. Home for cold collation. Archie is mending the garden furniture - sawing off the rotten ends of the bench to make a chair. He seems very at home in the shed. He misses the garden having only a window sill and tiny bit of neighbours roof to grow herbs and radishes on.

Gardening etc.

Quite a busy day starting off in town just wandering the charity shops etc. Met up with Hazel and Archie at ABDA cafe for a coffee and look round the latest exhibition upstairs. Nice to see the town so busy despite no artisan market. Didnt find any bargains - considered a strange LP in the marekt but just ended up posing with it for Hazel to take a silly photo. Later went over to granma's and Audrey's to help with the gardening - lopping back the larger shrubs that had gone a bit wild. Filled up a green wheely bin with cuttings. Had some tea and macaroons bought in France. Granma didn't like them much but we did. Made a roast dinner later that seemed strange in such hot weather but we are sick of constant salads! This low cal diet is getting harder to cope with but we are still trying. Feel slightly lighter but this may be my fevered imagination craving bread and potatoes! Family film was "City OF Lost Children" which seems even more incompresensible the more you watch it!