Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Hot To Blog

Bluggy bloggy bloogy. Its HOT! Too hot to blog! Hence the lack of blogmess this week. I can't remeber much about it. Spendled to weekend mostly watching Glastonbury on the TV and saying "Phew! It's HOT!" etc.
Not much else on worth watching. Glasto was pretty dull for the most part with only highlights being some old codgers from the 60's and 70's who managed to struggle up onto the stage and show those whipper snappers a thing or three. So a weekend of nostalgia and endless greatest hits.
The boot sale was at Cuddington in the school field. A few bargains including the first three series of Peep Show on DVD a quid each. Misery and Nacho Libre. Hazel bought a pile of old rusty keys and some other metal thingies for her blog.
Archie dragged himself out of bed to come too but didn't get anything.
Yesterday I walked to town and got some groceries. The library sale had a few cheap CD's including Ry Cooder, Modest Mouse and Phil Spectors Greatest Hits. All 50p each.
Time to make the dinner. Something nice and cool methinks , that does not entail much cookery or heat. De frosted kipper or hand wafted salad?
Decisions decisions!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathering Sunday

Popped up the co-op to get Sunday papers and bread. Hazel and Archie eventually got up - tired after yesterdays expedition. Archie made me a nice pop-up card and gave me a T-shirt I picked out on Friday.
We went to Granma's and Audrey's for fish and chips for lunch. A late birthday treat- trifle, cake and playing with the knitted puppets she had made fro the church fair. She sold none which was very sad as they were very cheap and took her ages to do. Archie offered to buy this policeman off her be was given it as a present. Audrey seemed most upset that we found its knitted contortions most hilarious!
Puppets are supposed to be funny aren't they?
Watched a flock of mad starlings descended on the remains of the fish and chips and hoovered them up in a twinkling.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Interactive Arts

Find more videos like this on OPEN Fluxus

Just back from Manchester and MMU's Final Year degree shows. The usual curates egg of oddities and eccentricities. Took the train with Hazel yesterday and arrived in time for the exciting stick the name labels on the wall treat. Nice to see Tony and a few others briefly amid the noisy throng.Tony gave me a card and a nice book about a taxidermists that burnt down and every page is a cabinet full of charred butterflies and beetles etc.It gave me a headache - all that art and interactivity!
had a nice pizza in Pizza Hut nearby and then to the hotel for showers and dozing off in front of the telly.
Slept very badly - too hot! Had an egg Mcmuffin breakfast which wasn't too bad considering. Hazel had to look after the show today and turn everything on as the students hadn't bothered to come in and do it - nursing hangovers I expect.
Archie and I went round the other shows like animation, graphics, illustration, 3-D and sculpture before lunch of Sainsburys sandwich as birthday treat.
Left Hazel to continue her duties and walked back to station to get the train. More cards waiting when I got home including one from my sister Barb and old chum Barry.
Might have a take-away curry later when Hazel gets home. Yum!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weakly Digest

Seven days since my last bloggage. I have forgetten most of what happened so must delve into the few notes made in my diary.
Wednesday seems pretty uneventful. Archie had two more exams. Lots of rain. Finger on the mend.
Thursday I went to town to get Archie an electric razor. I had to borrow my Dad's awful Gillette safety razor I seem to remember for my first shave and ended up covered in bits of bloody tissue.Very attractive. At least Archie is spared that.
Friday I stayed in to do some collaging and washing. Archie went to the prom in the evening. He looked very smart in his new suit. He managed to cadge a lift to the venue with two girls in a huge american black truck with chrome trim. It sounded like a tank pulling up outside.
Went to town on Saturday to get the car serviced and MOT'd. Walked round the shops for a while and got the bus home with Hazel.
Sunday. went to Chelford boot with Hazel and Archie who decided he wanted to go at the last minute. Didnt find a thing . It was far too crowded and hot. Boot Sale Challenge or Car Booty was there filming. Hazel was asked if she wanted to be in the show but she declined. We will have to watch them all now to see if we are glimpsed briefly in the background sorting through old records and junk.
Hazel got a couple of things including an inflatbel bus pillow(?) and a tiny set of scales for weighing letters perhaps. Archie bought a T-shirt with a target on it.
It was so warm we had a bar-b-q for lunch with nice salmon in lime and parsley marinate- vege hot dogs and salad. It was pretty noisy in the garden what with the polish neighbours having a disco and the other noisy lot putting a roof on a new extension we didnt stay outside long. Hazel told the poles off and they turned it down.
Archie did his last exam yesterday and was glad to have finished high school at last. To celebrate he went over to see some friends in the next village.
More blogging and washing. It was so hot it dried outside in no time. The threat of thunderstorms didn't materialise.
I made a pizza and made a rocket salad. Yum!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sinister Dexter

Just back from a walk round Chester listening to parties of schoolkids shouting the above and similar, being led by a centurion in all the roman gear - looking very serious.
Got some scratchy DVD's of old Hitchcock films like Rear Window, The Birds, etc. for 25p each from the pound shop. If only one of them is viewable it will be worth it.
Archie got some new clobber- pumps.jeans etc. Hazel popped into Morgans but didnt get anything. the jacket she tried on didnt look all that good having strange bulges and creases. Perhaps that is the new style but paying all that money you expect something to be better tailored.
Had our veg sausage rolls and coke in the roman gardens surrounded by kids and harrassed looking teachers.
It was quite warm so glad to get bus back to the park and drive carpark and home again.

My cut finger is a bit better. I changed the bandage and made it bleed again. Still, it looks a bit less grubby now.
A tailess cat was wandering up and down the garden this morning mewling pitifully. He sat in the tree house and bared his teeth at Archie so he kept his distance the mouse was seen soon afterwards flitting backwards and forwards from the shed after some bird leavings.
Plenty of bird leavings on the car too which is parked right under the telephone wires where the sparrows perch!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Mighty Pens

Some nice pens with moving things inside that hazel found at a boot sale recently. She finds all the interesting stuff. These are for Mersey ferries, Brittany Ferries and IOW Ferries all with little boats inside that slide along on the waves as you tip the pen up. The Blackpool Tower pen has a lift that goes up and down. I think we have several others somewhere with similar delights inc. one with a lady in a swimsuit that vanishes when you tip it up. Smut! Filth!
Its raining now after a good week of sun. Another Bar-B-Q and lovely warm buzzing bird chirping and mouse scamperings sitting by the back door in the sun trap- smelling the snap-dragons.
Walked to town today for some brown choc biscuits- the sort that fall of the conveyor belt and get sold cheaper as the chocolate is a bit chipped. Also some amber tea and some pink lentils. Managed to find two DVD's in the hospice shop- a Spanish film called Y'Tu Mama and Le Souffle. They had Amelie too which I was tempted to get as a present but most people must surely own this fabulous film by now. We watched it again last week and it looked even more beautiful on our new wide screen telly.
The river of rain is rushing down the street - swirling in the gutters and drains. The garden needed a good soak and this will be a welcome drink. Cheers!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Big Al 's New Video

Great new catchy song and video from Big Al Davies.