Friday, June 05, 2009

Mighty Pens

Some nice pens with moving things inside that hazel found at a boot sale recently. She finds all the interesting stuff. These are for Mersey ferries, Brittany Ferries and IOW Ferries all with little boats inside that slide along on the waves as you tip the pen up. The Blackpool Tower pen has a lift that goes up and down. I think we have several others somewhere with similar delights inc. one with a lady in a swimsuit that vanishes when you tip it up. Smut! Filth!
Its raining now after a good week of sun. Another Bar-B-Q and lovely warm buzzing bird chirping and mouse scamperings sitting by the back door in the sun trap- smelling the snap-dragons.
Walked to town today for some brown choc biscuits- the sort that fall of the conveyor belt and get sold cheaper as the chocolate is a bit chipped. Also some amber tea and some pink lentils. Managed to find two DVD's in the hospice shop- a Spanish film called Y'Tu Mama and Le Souffle. They had Amelie too which I was tempted to get as a present but most people must surely own this fabulous film by now. We watched it again last week and it looked even more beautiful on our new wide screen telly.
The river of rain is rushing down the street - swirling in the gutters and drains. The garden needed a good soak and this will be a welcome drink. Cheers!


scrapatorium said...

Great find! I have a few too, including a guy whose swimsuit falls off. He needs to join those filthy girl pens of yours!

Roger Stevens said...

You've got a new wide-screen telly? I dream of having a wide-screen telly.

wastedpapiers said...

Sorry again for delay. Our wide screen telly blew up and so we had to buy another. Sony are rubbish. LG seems OK so far ( fingers crossed).

No more pens but we live in hope!