Saturday, June 20, 2009

Interactive Arts

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Just back from Manchester and MMU's Final Year degree shows. The usual curates egg of oddities and eccentricities. Took the train with Hazel yesterday and arrived in time for the exciting stick the name labels on the wall treat. Nice to see Tony and a few others briefly amid the noisy throng.Tony gave me a card and a nice book about a taxidermists that burnt down and every page is a cabinet full of charred butterflies and beetles etc.It gave me a headache - all that art and interactivity!
had a nice pizza in Pizza Hut nearby and then to the hotel for showers and dozing off in front of the telly.
Slept very badly - too hot! Had an egg Mcmuffin breakfast which wasn't too bad considering. Hazel had to look after the show today and turn everything on as the students hadn't bothered to come in and do it - nursing hangovers I expect.
Archie and I went round the other shows like animation, graphics, illustration, 3-D and sculpture before lunch of Sainsburys sandwich as birthday treat.
Left Hazel to continue her duties and walked back to station to get the train. More cards waiting when I got home including one from my sister Barb and old chum Barry.
Might have a take-away curry later when Hazel gets home. Yum!

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