Sunday, December 31, 2017


Last day trip out of the year - a nice wander round Chester looking for bargains in sales. Didn't find any - most things seemed more expensive despite the SALE stickers! Contented myself with a roll of bubble wrap and some lime pickle from the Pound Shop ( or is it Pound Land?) Hazel went off on her own excursion to clothes shops and the material shop to buy err... material and pinny thingy ( paper map?). She's keen to try out her re-furbished sewing machine. We met up at 12 by the god botherers at the cross to find some vege sausage rolls for lunch but none did we find. So we went to the friendly Barristas nearby to have coffee and tuna melts - Hazel had hers piled high on a baked spud. Then home as the town was filling up and getting more crowded. Glad we got there early. The roads were packed on the way home too - all streaming into Chester - the other way was fine. Home by 2-15pm. Later a small package arrived - the blue tooth dongle Archie had kindly bought me . Took a while to figure out but eventually sussed it and now have my new blue tooth speaker working via the PC so can listen to Spotify or stuff on my hard drive as I make dinner in the kitchen. radio reception is so poor in there for some reason and sick of most programmes that are on around 6 when I prepare the evening meal. But tonight it was cheese, crackers and a small salad so that didn't take too long. Anyway, enough of this rambling - Happy New Year to all my reader!

Monday, December 25, 2017


Hairy Crumble and all the best for 2018 ! Just making the gravy to take over to Granma's later. I made the chestnut roast yesterday so mustn't forget that. No snow - just a mild grey sullen sky with the threat of some tinsel later.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Xmas Tree

Nice to have Archie home for a few days over Crimble. He's enjoying the sculpture course at the RCA - they just moved studios from Battersea to Kensington - so a bit stressful. He's glad to be home for a rest before jetting off to Dublin to spend New year with his girlfriend Meriel. He helped us pick a tree at the local garden centre in Marbury. Smaller than previous years but a bit cheaper being so close to Xmas. Hopefully we can plant it in the garden as it still has it's root ball. We shall decorate it today after going to Granma's to celebrate her 80 something birthday. Also we have the annual task of putting up their lights and decorations. I'll take some photos and hopefully add them later.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Spent the afternoon in Stockport at the War Memorial Gallery helping collage artist Charlie Holt put up some work in a the large upper gallery. Charlie covered the walls in old posters he'd been given and the small collages on canvas were screwed on top. Quite tricky as the walls were plaster. Hopefully they will stay up for the next few weeks. Got quite a lot done as Charlie was the other end of the big room so couldn't engage me in conversation and slow up the hanging process like at the Weaver Hall Museum. It was looking pretty good bu 4-30 pm when left to get my train. The opening is on Saturday so hopefully we shall see it then - all finished. Nice twinkly festive lights n the way to the station afterwards in the evening gloom.

Monday, November 06, 2017

34th Anniversary

Celebrated our 34th year together by going to the indoor boot sale in town. Didn't get anything but Hazel found a few bits and bobs including some wool for her train knitting project ( another quilt I suspect ) , folding coat hangers for her coat hanger collection. slap bell ( the sort they have on desks or counter tops ) needles and tin toy. In the afternoon we went to Granma's and Audrey's for some coffee and chocolate fingers. A lazy afternoon followed by the fireworks in Gadbrook Park which is always a treat ( and only a quid to get in! ) despite the quagmire and the noisy kids! Our first date was at a firework party in Alsager so hard to forget.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Nice morning in Chester looking round the charity shops etc. ( the photo is from last time when we saw the sculpture exhibition in the cathedral ) . Got a few bargains including Club Ska 67 album for a quid and a couple of DVD's including Simon Pegg in one called The Man Who Was Scared of Everything? Had a vege sausage rolls for lunch sitting in the sunshine by the Town Hall. There was an "art" exhibition on but dreadful tacky prints and sculptures of unicorns etc. Chaotic scenes at the cross roads where the God squad and the buskers were having a shouting and drumming match! Also people dress up in Halloween garb dancing about and pushing leaflets into your face - most unpleasant! Glad to find a spot in our favourite cafe for a hot chocolate and coffee before wending our way home.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Most dreams just vanish as I wake and as I blink and snuffle under the duvet they evaporate into the morning gloom. I did remember the end of this one today though which i will share with you. Set in a strange library come cavern ( hence the collage approximation ) it was about this bottle of old coins that I kept on a library shelf - the purpose of which was to save up and cash them in at some point. Anyway, I crawled into the library through a narrow rocky path - my head just fitted through. Discovered the bottle had been tampered with while I've been away ( in another dream maybe? ) and all the coins had gone - pilfered! The posh librarians - like something out of Hogwarts agreed the bottle was now empty and it should have had a chain on it ( what good would that do?) . I suggested the contents in future should go to charity. How kind of me! Then it was more crawling around caves and pot holes trying to find a way out. Most unfortunate!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another Visit To Weaver Hall Museum

More from the COLLAGE & CURIOSITY exhibition - on until November 19th.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Boot sale at Tarporley

Slim pickings at the indoor boot sale this morning over at Tarporley community centre. Quite busy but mostly rubbish - even at 5p a pop was too much! DVD's for 10p each but mostly stuff I have already or have no interest in. Just got a stack of blank CD's for two quid. Hazel found some candles, plant, paper lanterns, Sooty eggcup and coronation glass. It's a bit drizzly - big lorries spraying us every five minutes. Glad to get home for half a crumpet and a cuppa!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Boot Sale at Blakemere

Bumper crop of goodies from the boot at Blakemere this morning. Bargains included DVD's of Arrival, Yellow Submarine. Games COD,Dark Sector. CD's of Penguin Cafe Orch. and Majuregenta. Watercolour tubes - and three old National Geographics to cut up. Hazel got some flowerpots, bizarre Oliver twist plates, even more weird egg timer from Rhyl with man in turban? Ring measurer- hole punches, money box and carborundum stone.. The sun did come out eventually. Stall holders were moaning at how quite it was but seemed pretty busy to me.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Boot Sale - Hartford.

Meagre boot sale at Hartford this morning - drizzle must have put some people off. Still got a few bargains including a copy of Inland Empire by David Lynch. Hazel got a stack of candles, two glasses, folding scissors, pens, a handy note pad, labels, magic trick, papers and best of all a plastic illuminated thumb!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

North West Phillumenists

No boot sales today sadly but I did remember the North West Phillumenists at the Memorial Hall ( yesterday and today ). We arrived whilst an auction had just started in the middle of the hall so had the run of the outside tables. Had a good rummage and picked up some lovely old Indian and Dutch matchbox labels for a few pence ( 3p each or 40 for £1 ). Hazel found some rockets and satellite labels for Archie as he didn't want to come for some reason. As soon as the auction finished they all started packing up so just got there in time!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Artisan Market and Plaza Postcards

Nice wander round the artisan market and the Plaza this afternoon. First to look over the swap stall at Transition in the market - all rather soggy because of the mornings rain. Some jazz records but nothing to interest me. Hazel stayed to help out Beth Barlow with some wire stripping. I wandered round the charity shops and popped into the Plaza to see the very nice old postcards of Northwich and area in the foyer. A motley group of musicians on stage playing Fleetwood Mac's "Albatross" as I wondered round. I was reminded of that Monty Python sketch of John Cleese done up like a cinema usherette. I half expected him to appear from the musty gloom!

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Walk In Marbury Woods

A nice morning wandering in the woods and fields of Marbury Country Park. Nice sunny day so we thought we'd make the most of it. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit grim and wet. Hazel also went in the garden centre to get some violas for her hanging basket which is looking a bit sad at the moment. She's hoping the neighbours will take her lead and refresh their own floral hangings. Lots of crazy dogs, crazy cows and birds chirping away merrily. Lifts the spirits to be amongst the greenery. Soon everything will be turning brown.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Snowdonia, Anglesey and Holy Island.

Just back from a lovely few days in sunny Wales - first in the depths of Snowdonia National Park at Linda Merriman and Ivor's place and then a few days in Anglesey at Trearddur Bay where we stayed last year. The weather was kind to us on the whole despite some light drizzle. Yesterday was scorching hot as we drove round the Island looking for likely spots to have a picnic. Cemaes was very nice , as was Plas Newydd with it's lovely Rex Whistler room with massive mural, love letters and childhood drawings. Sad that his love for the Marquis's daughter was unrequited and he died young in the 2nd world war. Holyhead has a few charity shops but we didnt find much. On the way home we stopped off at Llandudno, another of our favourite places, for toasted tea cakes and more junk hunting. Hazel found some blue and white Lambeth jugs for a quid each ( slightly crazed ). Also got some old postcards from the collectors shop. Open exhibition on at the Oriel Mostyn - an interesting mixture as always.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

From My Gander Bag

Firstletter to Hazel back in 1983 after she wrote to ask about mail art network.

Monday, July 31, 2017


Nice morning over at Frodsham after dropping Archie off at Sainsburys. Marveled at the olde worlde 17th century buildings but only managed to take photos of the electricity sub station on the Sandstone Trail which seemed more relevant somehow?! Not many bargains to be had though Hazel was tempted by the eye glass thingy in Roy's Relics. Roy was very amiable and told me all about his massive record collection and pointed us at the bakers opposite when we asked if he knew any good eateries. It turned out they did a very nice breakfast and sold delicious wholemeal bread ( expensive though at £3.50 a loaf!) Then to Lady Hayes antique emporium for a wander, but their prices have shot up over the years so we didn't buy anything. Home for lunch.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Hazel's Birthday

Hazel's birthday which we celebrated with Tony and Pene, light lunch and ate some of the delicious carrot cake that Archie made. Sadly he had to work but was back in time to go out in the evening for a pub meal at the Golden Pheasant in Plumley. More cake later at Granma's. Time to go on a diet again!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Whitegate Boot Sale

More bargains from the boot sale this morning at soggy Whitegate. The football ground was only a third full because of the possibility of rain -but the rain held off thankfully. Got 3 DVD's for a £1 from Bob's stall and had a chat to him about the exhibition which he hoped to see tomorrow - but realised later that it doesn't open on a Monday. He supplied some of the rare artifacts that Hazel is displaying. He used to work at the Museum back in the 80's he said before half of it was knocked down. Its a shame they couldn't save the other part as the smaller space doesn't attract that many visitors now the the Lion Salt Works has opened. Also bought cheaply were some ceramic pot stands, large reel of twine, a razor doo-dad thingy, and a trivet. Archie decided not to come as he was working this afternoon and needed his beauty sleep.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Private View

Nice evening of chat with old friends including Tony and Pene Eve and surprise guest Bob Nancollis who was at Manchester College of Art back in the 60's. Nice to see our neighbours Richard, Mark and Eilain turn up too. Archie was working so couldn't be there. Charlie Holt did a good introduction as did the nice lady who's name I forget from the museum. Hazel gave Gina , who organised the show some flowers to thank her for her help. Hazel's Mom and sister Audrey came too which was a surprise as they hardly ever go out in the evenings.