Sunday, December 31, 2017


Last day trip out of the year - a nice wander round Chester looking for bargains in sales. Didn't find any - most things seemed more expensive despite the SALE stickers! Contented myself with a roll of bubble wrap and some lime pickle from the Pound Shop ( or is it Pound Land?) Hazel went off on her own excursion to clothes shops and the material shop to buy err... material and pinny thingy ( paper map?). She's keen to try out her re-furbished sewing machine. We met up at 12 by the god botherers at the cross to find some vege sausage rolls for lunch but none did we find. So we went to the friendly Barristas nearby to have coffee and tuna melts - Hazel had hers piled high on a baked spud. Then home as the town was filling up and getting more crowded. Glad we got there early. The roads were packed on the way home too - all streaming into Chester - the other way was fine. Home by 2-15pm. Later a small package arrived - the blue tooth dongle Archie had kindly bought me . Took a while to figure out but eventually sussed it and now have my new blue tooth speaker working via the PC so can listen to Spotify or stuff on my hard drive as I make dinner in the kitchen. radio reception is so poor in there for some reason and sick of most programmes that are on around 6 when I prepare the evening meal. But tonight it was cheese, crackers and a small salad so that didn't take too long. Anyway, enough of this rambling - Happy New Year to all my reader!

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Wastedpapiers said...

Oh, I forgot to mention - found a massive roll of bubble wrap in the porch when we got home that I had ordered on line two days ago.