Tuesday, January 02, 2018

New Year Starts!

Determined to update my blog posts more regularly this year - will see how far this goes - always start out with good intentions, like the diets! Hazel enjoyed brightening up the back garden with candles and twinkling lights as she does every year. No Archie this time to make his "match display" but plenty of eyeball delights despite the drizzle. Thankfully the rain stopped as we got nearer 2018. Surprise guests this year - Beth from round the corner came along armed with rum and coke - she brought her friend too for a nice chat and let some party poppers off and drink some toasts to the starry night and big moon. Lots of rockets this year from our neighbours entertained us too. I must admit I did watch a bit of Jool's Hootenanny but came outside at 11.55 to wish everyone well for 2018. Woke the next day with head feeling a little fuzzy from the proscecco. We intended going for a walk but the rain came in the afternoon so cancelled that for another day. Watching lots of crap on the telly mostly but did enjoy last two episodes of "Feud" a mini-series about the later years of fading film stars Bette Davies and Joan Crawford. I usually hate American dramas but this was above par and Alfred Molina was in it. Hazel made a loaf and I made another chestnut roast for dinner. Later on watched DVD of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which wasn't as amusing as the first one. Yawn! Time to hit the sack!

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