Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Windy Day

Ventured out despite the terrible wind ( no jokes about too many sprouts please! ) and off to town for shopping. Popped into post office to queue up with my parcel. £8-50 to U.S. A. Signed and Tracked. Then the charity shops for a quick rummage - nothing to be found . Then the library but nothing caught my eye. Then off to Sainsburys with Hazel to get some of their famous chocolate drink powder we are addicted to. It's expensive but better than cocoa or similar beverage. I think it has some kind of drug in it! Also got some bread with "ancient seeds" whatever they are? I dread to think. Home again and researching Randolph Caldecott the Victorian childrens book illustrator who was born in Chester and went to Manchester Art School like what I did. Possibility of going to the archive in Chester to see some of his work amongst other things with the VAC folk. Maybe an exhibition attached in the Summer.

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