Monday, January 08, 2018

FRoz to the Boz

No penguins around today but was cold enough for some. Hazel was up early - first day back of the new term - train strike too so she wasn't happy! She had to scrape the car - drive to Hartford ( after the car coughed and wheezed a bit ) and then a train to Crewe to get another train into Manchester. Luckily she got a seat and knitted a square - an ongoing quilt/blanket project. She measure journeys by how many 4 inch squares she can knit. Crewe to Piccadilly is just one square - quite a fast train. Usually the Northwich to Piccadilly takes up two squares at a pinch. Sometimes she'll listen to the radio. Sometimes chat to one of her "train buddies". Thrown together in adversity - they form strong friendships - and go on day trips when the weather is more agreeable. I walked to the post office later when the ice had thawed a bit. It wasn't too slippy underfoot. Then to town and some shopping in the charity outlets but no bargains to be had. The afternoon was collaging and emails etc. I cooked a quorn roast for dinner with all the trimmings - some left over for tomorrow's sandwiches. Tryin to cut back on sweets and chocs but Hazel made some truffles before Xmas and they need eating up before they go bad! Nom nom!

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