Thursday, June 20, 2019

Frodsham B'day Treats

Grabbed by the fuzz! Not really - nice birthday treats and ramble around Frodsham charity shops. Got a few DVD's with ill gotten gains. Some old postcards to play with - lovely one of Southend. Vege sausage roll al fresco while the sun shone briefly in between the showers. Then to Lady Heyes antique emporiums to rummage among the detritus. Didn't find much. Home for lemony dribble cake that Hazel made.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Manchester Degree Shows

Nice train ride into Manchester for the annual degree shows at Interactive Arts and Fine Art, Sculpture etc. Some good work by the students this year. Had breakfast in the station Carluccios - salmon , scrambled egg on toasted ciabatta - yum! A pre-birthday treat! Luckily the awful weather of recent days was absent and we even got a good comfortable train both ways. Wow, miracles do happen! Also saw the folk at Special Collections for the mail art exhibition we are sorting for September. They all seem keen on the idea and had some good ideas about the flyers, poster and other publicity bumph we will need. Got the 4-40 train back.