Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shackerly Mere

Archie and toadstool
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Just back from Shackerly Mere to feed the ubiquitous ducks. We found this solitairy toadstool - Fly Aligaric? that had not yet been flattened by mad dogs or rampaging children. Archie said he would like to flatten it - the horrid boy! But maybe he just said it to annoy his grumpy Dad.
The geese , swans and ducks seemed very hungry despite it being late in the day and we imagined they had been over stuffed with stale bread all morning!
This morning I walked into town and got a few CD's from the library sale for a quid each including The Best of Blondie, The Best of Adam & the Ants and The Hits of Some Country Singer I Can't Remember The Name Of But He Was In San Quentin When Inspired By Johnny Cash When He Came To Play.
Also went to the bank and the post office.
Ray has finsihed the slab laying and it looks pretty good.

Hazel wanted to check her e-mails so had to curtail my blogging activities.
Back again. Where was I?
Also at the market found an old 1964 Silcock Farmer's Diary for 1964. It makes fascinating reading. Lots of stubs and ephemera of nasty chemicals he used on his crops and cows. Actually I think its mostly a diary farm or a dairy farm? Subtle play on words there which i hope you noticed. Iv'e just burnt my finger on the oven trying to placate a bowl of Cheesy Pasta.
So, where was I?
O yes, the diary ios full of gems such as " Cultivating silage pit bottoms to smooth down in prep. silage. Grinding four ton. Sprayed white field 26 acres of wheat with phenosaylene plus. rate of 4 pt. per 9 gallons water per acre."

Sheer poetry!

Better go and check the dinner before it explodes.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Butterfly Phenomenon!

Roger Stevens (radio) came to visit us yesterday and during a rather inspired collage session in the back room a most extraordinairy thing happened - just as he opened his mouth for yet another brilliant and pertinent witticism a few colourful butterflies came out of his mouth and flitted round our heads! It was so astonishing I had to rush upstairs and find my camera - luckily the butterflies were still there so I took this photo. Also a fly and bee emerged at some point and strange ethereal sixties type music was heard wafting on the breeze. Very odd. But things like that always happen when Roger turns up. Sadly Jilly was stuck in Manchester at the Labour Partly Conference but she phoned several times to check on the butterflies and the wasps etc. - she's obvious used to this.
Roger got held up in traffic so didnt arrive until lunchtime and afterwards we started on a curious eight page booklet on the theme of Space Travel ( or was it Spice Drivel?) Anyway, it soon took shape and Roger was churning out cut-up poems about dogs with beaks and horses with mortgages in no time. By 5 we had worn ourselves into a collaged induced stupour and had to stop. Hazel meanwhile had filmed alll this and the 3 hour DVD is available in the shops on Monday.
Roger showed Hazel his Tom Tom as they negotiated the roadways to the curry house and we had a selection of vegetarian dishes and I cooked the rice and nibbles. Jilly phoned to say she was having dinner with Tony Blair but she would much rather be with us.
Archie showed Roger his new guitar technique and Roger showed Archie some new chords he had invented.
Roger bought us some lovely gifts including some insect badges ( very appropriate!) , a poster of old record players, and a big shoebox full of ancient school's slide film in beautiful round sellotape encrusted cannisters. Not forgetting the two old Beano comics from the 80's for Archie's collection.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yes, ducks!

Marbury - duck feeding
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Lots of ducks to feed this afternoon at Marbury. Had to get rid of all our stale bread before Roger gets here.

Earlier we had two bootsales to go to. One at Lostock School which was pretty poor - just a few stalls and nothing worth buying. Archie bought a Gorillaz CD and when we tried to play it realised it had a big scratch and jumped all over the place.
Drove to Kingsly Cricket Club for the next one which was a bit more up market out in the wilds of Cheshire. Lots of posh people getting rid of stuff so did get some bargains including a rare Lonnie Donegan EP and an LP by Burl Ives singing some childrens songs amongst other things. I don't think hazel and Archie got much though. Hazel was tempted by a snooker score board made of wood but decided she had enough bric-a-brac.
We just got into the car and driven about 100 yards before the heavens opened so good timing! The rain tipped down and the thunder rolled out and rumbled ominously until we got home.
It brightened up later and so, like I said, we went for a walk to marbury and it seemed that hundreds of others had the same idea. We found out it was a sponsered walk in aid of Muscular Distrophy. The woods were teaming with families and prams and buggies, children and dogs etc. Found some nice shiny conkers. Hazel stooped down to gather a load into her plastic bag. She drilled them all later to take into college for her students.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

No Ducks Today

Simone & Garfinkle
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Just a walk into town and some early morning shopping before it got too busy. No bargains whatsoever. It was quite mild too- so much so I had to take off my jumper. Its nice to get to the end of September and not put the central heating on since May or whenever it was.
Hazel and Archie were just getting up when I got home. Hazel said she's got up hours ago and had a bath and was listening to Round The Horne on the radio- if you can believe that!
Above is a collage I made yesterday with a couple of others for possible inclusion at Scrapiteria. Also for the Girls And Guitars pool at Flickr
Hazel and Archie went out shopping later. I watched the prog. about The Fall and Mark E. Smith that was on last night. I have a soft spot fore the Fall but sometimes they are rather painful to listen to. I once saw them play live at Queen Mary's College in the Mile End Road back in the 80's - they were fantastic. Mind you, I think I was slightly tipsy at the time. I wrote to the band and got an illegible note and cassette of live gig from them which really amazed me - what other band would send out bootleg tapes to their fans!
Got a couple of interesting CD's in the post from the Exoticaring Group - James Brown's Intros. and some wonderful calypso from the 50's and 60's.
I made a prawn curry tonight which was excellent though I say so myself and we watched Men In Black again on BBC 1.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Family Snaps

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Here's an old one with my sisters and brother at Gravesend in Kent with the British Fleet massing in the background. Just got a surprise phone call from my little brother John who has just found my blog and wants a name check. So there you are Bruv, not just a name check but a dubious family photo- cheesy grins all round!
Not sure why we are in Kent but maybe went to see Uncle Bill who lived in Tonbridge? Or just a day trip that went horribly wrong when we got on the train to Southend and ended up here by mistake! Who knows.
This morning I walked into town and did some shopping and did the usual snoop around the charity shops. Found a video of Jabberwocky which was Terry Gilliam's first feature after Monty Python I think? Also two badminton rackets that I discovered were ancient wooden ones and not the fibre-glass ones that Archie craves. So what do you want for two quid?! I guess we'll have to re-cycle them or turn them into fly swatters.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Double Boot Joy

The first boot today was at Hartford High School which isnt all that far - twenty minute drive, if that. Quite well publicised so very packed and cars spilling over into smaller carparks. Luckliy we found a parking space. I found some scratchy records- a 4 LP boxed set of George Formby (Hazel rolls eyes heavenward) I was very chuffed with - also a folk group called Fiddler's Dram who had a small hit in the 80's called "The Road To Bangor". Also an LP by a scottish chap called Will Fyffe from the 30's or 40's. I expect they will all end up at Boot Sale Sounds very soon.
Hazel didnt seem to get much - a box of pansies and a packet of pins? Archie didn't find much either- two lego skeletons. He produced them from his pocket and said "Oh no, they've died!"
We went home for some breakfast and Audrey phoned to say there was another boot sale at Witton Albion F.C. so we went over there too but it was almost time to pack up . I found a video , still in it's wrapper ( but no box) of BladeRunner ( the directors cut) for a quid. I don't think I've ever seen the directors cut so it will be nice to see it again and Archie might be old enough to enjoy it now.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Have a good weekend!

English garden
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Hope the jet lag has eased off a bit now Jonathan and Sylvia. Glad you got home o.k. Here you are in our leafy oasis. Mind those apples! Crunch!
Yesterday Hazel drove us over to the Retail Village at Cheshire Oaks which sounds very quaint but is just a big circlular outdoor mall with a huge carpark in the middle. Tons of shops with boring clothes in so Hazel was having a great time popping in them to buy stuff but I wandered about looking lost and bewildered and wondering why I'd come. Found a Virgin record and DVD shop which had a sale on but most of the cheap stuff was rubbish you'd find at a boot sale for 50p- they wanted a fiver for it! So I didnt get anything. Got lost on way home and nearly came to blows when Hazel ignored my half -hearted directions and turned right onto the road that goes to North Wales instead of the road that goes somewhere else! We were on the big road to Wrexham and manged to turn off thankfully at some pretty village - Piflington , Pulpinton? Anyway got sucked back into Chester again and thankfully found the circular road that leads to Northwich after a 30 minute detour. So it could have been worse. We could be in Wrexham though I'm sure it';s a very nice place.
Hazel is even more determined to get a Sat Nav system now!
What else? Maybe the last boot sale of the year tomorrow at Hartford so hopefully this fine weather will continue.
I'm off to town in a mo' to checkout the library sale and the charity shops. Get the papers etc.
Over and out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Test Post

Aeroplane Sweet Wrappers by wastedpapiers on Treemo
I just want to see what this looks like here.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sylvia and Jonathan visit.

Lovely to have Jonathan and Sylvia come stay for the weekend - all the way from Boston. Its been a bout 5 years since there last visit and traumatic and infamous twin towers tradegy a couple of days later after they had flown from Boston. Sadly Jonathan was feeling a bit poorly and spent much of the time drinking water - some bug picked up on the flight over maybe? We still had a good time though and took them to Nantwich for a look around this quaint old Cheshire salt town and had a long wait for tea and cheese toasties in the cafe above the bookshop in a very old wonky 15th century building. Later we explored the attic which looked even older and just used for storage up some steep narrow stairs! This is photo of it above. The following day we went to the last boot sale at Sutton Fields near Frodsham. (below) It was a nice and sunny so plenty of cars and stalls to look round. Syl got a necklace and bought Hazel a beautiful old map gauge made in Switzerland. I expect that will turn up on her blog sooner or later. I got an old scratchy record made in Hawaii of latin interpretations of chinese and japanese songs which was a bit odd. I could not resist it for 50 pence! Also some cheap blank DVD-R's. Not sure if Archie got anything. It wasa bit too crowded and so we didn't stay long. Next to the Lady Hayes Antique Centre in Frodsham for for more rummaging among the junk ( expensive junk mind you! ) and a photo opportunity at the Dr. Who exhibit.
I think Jonathan nodded off when we got home as he was so shattered. I made a curry later and we watched some old videos of Roger and Jilly singing and playing the guitar when they last came to visit. Also the video of the Killer Rabbits last gig! Oh how we laughed!
Drove Jonathan and Sylvia to Crewe station where they got the 10.35 to Cardiff. Amazed at there combined round trip ticket was only 95 quid from London to Crewe and then to Cardiff and London again. What a bargain! We went back through Crewe and popped round the charity shops again. Hazel forgot to get a clothes line which broke yesterday. She bought some clothes though and some books to read on the train including the biography of Ricky Tomlinson. I got a DVD of "Lake Placid" and a cassette of John Fahey.
Hazel has just cycled round the corner to the post office to buy a washing line at inflated corner shop prices.
Sylvia & Jonathan at car boot

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gotto Wee

One of the flash animations Archie made for the Cornerhouse "Easter Project" and shown earlier this year- also selected for the next student film fest. in December. The song is by Manchester band Dear Eskiimo.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Seaside Sunday

Hazel had promised Archie another trip to the seaside before he went back to school so yesterday was really the last day we could go as the weather forcaste seemed better than previous days. Tony came round first to collect the CD of Archie's animations for possible showing on Flux TV or whatever the new channel that MTV is producing. More about that at a later date hopefully.
The drive to Talacre in North Wales took about 90 minutes and on dual carriageways most of the time so it wasnt too bad with the aid of AA routefinder. Hazel is keen to get a Tom-Tom or Sat-Nav system to find our way to these places. A friend said they were excellent. Will have to ask Santa.
Got to Talacre on the lip of the Dee estuary about 11 so plenty of time to get down to some kite flying and sand castle building before the rain came and washed them all away. It was windy too and sand blowing into eyes, hair and ears! Archie seemed to enjoy the two hours of digging and pebble throwing anyway. I tooka few photos- some of which are on Flickr and some on Treemo.
When the rain came we blew back to the amusement arcade to throw some pennies down chutes and in the dustbin . Archie managed to make a pounds worth last a hlaf hour. He tried to win a penguin on one of those big crane machines but it didn't move. Hazel twiddled the knobs and the jib plummeted through the open hatch, where the prize usually goes, and lay there helpless! We ran out incase we got the blame.
Got home again by about 5. Hazel went and got a take-way curry which was delicious.
Today we went over to Lady Hayes Antique Centre near Frodsham to mooch about the barns of high priced junk and take some photos. The Dr. Who display was still there so more shots of the fake Tardis and K-9 who had appeared since last time. Hazel took some photos for an elderly couple and their grandchildren and promised to send them after getting their address.
Had out lunch in the park surrounded by screaming kids and dogs in Frodsham. Then to the town centre and the Oxfam and Cancer charity shop where I bought scratchy LP's by Max Miller, Chas "N' Dave and one about Fairground Organs. Archie got a talking book and Hazel found a book about the woman who does Bart Simpson's voice.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Soggy Saturday

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More rain! Managed to get into town yesterday for some shopping before the next shower. I didn't find much, just some blank CD-R's that we had run out of. Archie had spent the night at his friend James' and came home feeling sick and slept most of the afternoon. It was James' birthday and he'd eaten too much weird rich food or something. Playing lots of video games that gave him a headache which didn't help. He's fine today though. He has an animation at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, London, tonight but we can't get down to see it. It's part of the Flash Film Festival. He also has three films in the next Cornerhouse animation festival in October. His CV is looking better than mine now!
Today the rain just kept coming so kept us in to blog and mess around on the computer. I popped out briefly for some bread and get the Independent which had an obscure Italian film on DVD given away inside. "Francis, God's Jester" by Rossellini.
Hazel and Archie went out later to the shops when the rain stopped. Archie got a new book and some old Dandy's to read.
Just watched a very one-sided football match between England and Andorra, which I think is in the Pyrenees? Apparently the whole country's population could be accomodated by the stadium they were playing in. I don't really see the point of playing such poor opposition.