Monday, April 25, 2011

Yorkshire Derbyshire Trip

Went over to see our old chum Dave in Yorkshire last week for a couple of days. Hazel bravely drove over the Peaks via Glossop where we stopped off for some lunch and wander around the charity shops. Then on to Marsden via that village where Foggy and Nora Batty live. It's a bit of a tourist trap though so avoided the crowds of geriatrics having cream teas at Cleg's Cafe or whatever its called. Last Of The Summer Wine country. Didn't see any old codgers sliding down the cobbles in an old bath - most suprising!

Dave introduced us to his new neighbour who had bought his barn and converted it into a very nice little cottage - with three bathrooms no less! Amazed at the transformation. Walked round the village and popped into the only charity shop open. Bought some snacks at the health food shop.
In the evening had a nice walk along the Huddersfield canal just behind the B&B we were staying in. Had a delicious and filling meal in the swanky restaurant before retiring. Very warm though and when in night by Hazel trying to wedge open the broken sash window with a pile of paperbacks ( see her blog )!
The next day we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with dave driving. It was supposed to be 40 minutes but Dave forget his sat nav and we drove around Wakefield for 45 mins trying to spot a sign to it. Found it eventually and managed to park despite the place being choc-a-block. I didn't realise modern sculpture was so popular! Beautiful grounds and so much to see including Jaume Plensa, Mel Brimfield and Andy Goldsworthy etc. You needed a whole day to see it all really and we just had a few hours.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Enjoying a few days out into the Cheshire countryside. Yesterday to Frodsham and the Lady Hayes crafty junk emporiums. The lanes still had quite few daffodils along the verges which was nice to see although some were passed their best.
Not mush cop at Lady Hayes which seems to have gone down hill - now full of expensive modern repro and tat. Hazel managed to find a few jokes and a sheet of old buttons. Also a nice brass magnifying thingy on three legs for looking at fleas.
I didnt get anythings. Hazel's sister Audrey came too and got a few nick nacks.

The big car boot at Chelford was a bit of a marathon last Sunday. Hundreds of stalls to look round and a bouncy castle shaped like Noah's Ark. I managed to resist taking of my shoes and going for a bounce!
Got a few films including The Crazies, The Road, and Nathan Barley, Hazel got a few things but I forget what. Tins? A nice one of Southend Pier and another with a squirrel on the inside of the lid, Good for keeping your nuts (or bolts ) in.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Every Day Is Like Sunday

My mother would probably have preferred a bit of Frankie Vaughn or Robert Earl but Morrisey is my choice for a rainy Sunday.
Went to two indoor boot sales - one in Tarporley and the other in Winsford. Both were very quiet and more pleasant than usual - not having to squeeze through the crowds to see any bargains. Didnt find much though- some cheap frames and a DVD. Hazel got a few plants for her Mom who came over later for a slice of cake and some tea. Archie showed them his new tin whistles and animations which they hadn't seen. The rain came down.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Knit Yourself A Badger Day

I seem to be a little behind in my bloggage as Stanley might have said. Two legends here on the Parkinson show sometime back in the 70's I imagine.
No boot sales last week and the one before that was a complete wash out. We did try the new antique place in Barnton though which used to be an old pub called the Red Lion - it has a lovely view of the chemical works by the River Weaver. Quite expensive and really not much of interest. Afterwards a walk around Marbury and Hazel bought some herbs in the garden centre - Thyme, French parsley and Rosemary. For pots by the back door.
Malcolm the PC bloke came round the other day to delete lots of temp files from our ailing computer. I could have done that myself if I'd known where they were! He added some AntiSpyWare app. and charged 60 quid. Gulp! I shall try and fix it myself next time. It seems a little better now but not 60 quids worth better!

Not much else to report. The usual shopping trips into town - no real bargloaders to speak of. Don't forget to knit yourself a badger!