Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Enjoying a few days out into the Cheshire countryside. Yesterday to Frodsham and the Lady Hayes crafty junk emporiums. The lanes still had quite few daffodils along the verges which was nice to see although some were passed their best.
Not mush cop at Lady Hayes which seems to have gone down hill - now full of expensive modern repro and tat. Hazel managed to find a few jokes and a sheet of old buttons. Also a nice brass magnifying thingy on three legs for looking at fleas.
I didnt get anythings. Hazel's sister Audrey came too and got a few nick nacks.

The big car boot at Chelford was a bit of a marathon last Sunday. Hundreds of stalls to look round and a bouncy castle shaped like Noah's Ark. I managed to resist taking of my shoes and going for a bounce!
Got a few films including The Crazies, The Road, and Nathan Barley, Hazel got a few things but I forget what. Tins? A nice one of Southend Pier and another with a squirrel on the inside of the lid, Good for keeping your nuts (or bolts ) in.

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