Friday, April 01, 2011

Knit Yourself A Badger Day

I seem to be a little behind in my bloggage as Stanley might have said. Two legends here on the Parkinson show sometime back in the 70's I imagine.
No boot sales last week and the one before that was a complete wash out. We did try the new antique place in Barnton though which used to be an old pub called the Red Lion - it has a lovely view of the chemical works by the River Weaver. Quite expensive and really not much of interest. Afterwards a walk around Marbury and Hazel bought some herbs in the garden centre - Thyme, French parsley and Rosemary. For pots by the back door.
Malcolm the PC bloke came round the other day to delete lots of temp files from our ailing computer. I could have done that myself if I'd known where they were! He added some AntiSpyWare app. and charged 60 quid. Gulp! I shall try and fix it myself next time. It seems a little better now but not 60 quids worth better!

Not much else to report. The usual shopping trips into town - no real bargloaders to speak of. Don't forget to knit yourself a badger!

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