Thursday, September 29, 2022


Just a few bargains from our trip to Nantwich this morning. Roads a bit of a nightmare due to detours, etc. but nice to wander round the market and the charity shops. Found a nice frame and some cheap pens. A DVD copy of Joseph Losey's "The Servant" from the Oxfam shop. Hazel got some books and jug from the Hospice shop on the way home near Winsford. I got a book about WW2 memorablia and stack of CD-R's that are always useful. Home for tomatoes on toast.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Walk In Anderton Nature Reserve

Drizzly walk around the nature reserve to the River Weaver and the fishing ponds to see the last of the lily pads. Saw a few coots, swans, ducks and a gillomot? Very quiet as everyone was indoors watching the Queen's funeral one assumes. Some dog walkers but otherwise we had the place to ourselves.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Queen's Toffees

I suppose I should mention a few encounters with the Queen as everybody else has - like the time she almost ran us over whilst crossing London Bridge ( or was it Waterloo Bridge? ) . My first glimpse of her was back in 1953 on a very tiny screen on a very big television in a neighbours house in Corringham, Essex. It was Coronation Day and the blurry pictures seemed quite magical at the time - flickering in the corner of a dark room with lots of other neighbours peering at 405 lines transmitted live from Westminster Abbey. Later there was a street party and I won a prize of tin of toffees for my Chelsea Pensioner's outfit that my mother had made from an old red coat and an old hat fashioned from a cut down trilby. The addition of some badges that my father had aquired in the Grenadier Guards set the whole ensemble off! On the lid of the tin of toffees was her majesty of course. I don't have the tin, or the outfit or the medals- just this photo of me on the back steps of the flat we lived in at the time with my mum looking out of the window.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Marsen and Slaitheswaite

Nice couple of days in West Yorkshire at Marsden and Slaithewaite. Stayed at our old friend Dave's place in Marsden. A nice walk around the town in the afternoon. Popped in the church as the organ was playing. Nobody but the chap guarding the book of condolence. Hazel felt obliged to sign but really we'd just come in to see the stained glass windows and the pillars etc. and hear the organ bouncing of the old stone walls. Stopped off at a couple of the charity shops. Found a lovely book about popular Indian art, posters, matchbox labels and murals etc. This morning in Slaitheswaite to buy some bread and pastries at the canalside bakery. Yum! Traffic a bit calmer coming home - no "school run" to contend with. 13th 14th Sept. 2022.

Sunday, September 11, 2022


This afternoons wander down the sunny community orchard to grab some apples for an upside down French apple tart. Hazel fancied taking one over to Daves. Nice stroll round the coot pond. One coot emerged from the reeds in quite a hurry. Quiet down there except for some dog walkers and the birds twittering. Earlier we went to two boot sales near Crewe at Vagrants - the last of the season and the other at Weston cricket club. I didnt find anything but Hazel got a few things including an enamel bread bin to put flour and pulses in. a toffee tin, and other stuff I forget but you can see them here in this here photo-

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Drizzly Walk

This mornings wanderings took us to the local post office via the docs to drop off my prescription form. Then down the alley to the park in the drizzle. Luckily Hazel had the good sense to bring a raincoat and an umbrella which we shared. Not really sandals weather but it hasn't rained during the day for about a month! It is September though and I suppose we must get used to it. Popped in the Co-op to dump our plastic bags and buy some milk and bread. Exciting eh? We live life in the fast lane.

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Boot Sale at Knutsford

This mornings bumper boot sale bargains at the annual Scouts jamboree at Knutsford on the common. I got a box of letters word making game, badges, a rubber for BIG mistakes, a little plastic bird that makes a noise like a frog. Hazel got tons of stuff including flower pots, xmas crackers, wooden coat hangers, spoons, a small vice, Lego calendar, collar stiffeners? etc. etc. Hazel has done something to her back so cant bend down to get things under tables which makes life tricky at boot sales where most things are under tables or spread about on old bits of carpet. We stopped off at Granma and Audrey's on the way home to drop off the flower pots they wanted for their bulbs. They grumbled that they had just got up and hadnt had any breakfast and Granma didn't "have her ears in". So we had to shout at her.

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Chester ( Part 2)

Nice wander around Chester this morning despite lack of public conveniences. Ended up rushing into Costa Coffee and using theres - they didnt seem to notice anyway - busy brewing up some thick brown primevil sludge! Didnt find many bargains - got a DVD of 1930 version of "All Quiet On The Western Front". I hear it's full of great laughs! Then off to the museum to look round the period rooms that we'd not seen before - hidden round the back by the bins. Some very amusing waxworks and the visitors are quite silly too!