Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday Again ?

Here it is again - Sunday comes round so fast these days!   Early start and shopping at the Co-op.  I walked about a bit to nearby park and outside until Hazel came staggering out with four bags full of stuff ( most of it was for her Mom and sister ) and I helped carry it back home.  An hour or so later we went over to Hazel's Mom's to deliver the groceries and helpt do some gardening - trimming hedges and planting flowers that Audrey had bought from the milkman ( who knew?) .  I sat in the sun for  a while I must admit.  A nurse drove up outside and asked where number 5  was.  Audrey told her it was opposite.  The old chap there had just come out of hospital and this wasa follow up visit by all accounts.  The flower beds certainly looked a lot brighter with the addition of plants and Hazel's Mom and sister could enjoy them from the window and even have to step outside which they rarely do .
A friendly robin popped by several times to see if there were any worms in the offing. At one point it hovered in front of my face!   Hazel said it was because he thought my nose wasa long twig and would make a suitable perch.  Cheek.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

River Dane Again

More walking round the River Dane this morning.  Sunny - before it really warms up. 8am, and not many about.  In fact we didn't see anybody by the River just a duck that jumped out of the rushes and startled us!
Most footpaths end suddenly and our just fizzle out.
One went precariously close to the river's edge and looked very unsafe so we turned back.  Amazed always that this is so close to where we live.  
Nice to discover little english backwaters.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Hairy Caterpillar Walk

I only took one photo today of this hairy caterpillar. Not sure why as there was lots to take photos of. Getting distracted by stuff going on - more people about - ducks and crows etc. over at Neumann's Flashes. Nice walk around Marbury Lane or whatever it's called. Massive queue for the tip - all the way back to Aldi and beyond making the roundabout rather confusing for all. Then to town for some shopping. Busy there too. Hazel got a few bits we needed including some cheap erasers for carving. Afterwards to Granma and Audrey's to sit outside in the sun and have a chat and exchange vegetables.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Mail Art From The Archives

Just Trying Out The New Format

Look you can make it different colours!  Lovely! Just some old stuff from the archive.  1987 I think.  Some of which in our "CURIOUS THINGS"  exhibition in Manchester.  Closed now because of the pandemic but prolonged to end of August.
An envelope by Snowwhite Jung (UK) from 1987.
Al "Blaster" Ackerman envelope from around the same time. Al came from Texas.
Tetsuo Hayashi from Japan. Envelope from 1987.

Kippers And Custard

Nice walk to Neumann's Flashes via Carey Park this morning early before it got too busy. I expect most people think the same and go out early and surprised how busy it is! It wasdn't too bad - a few dog walkers and cyclists - most kept their distance and said a cheery "Hello" or "Hi!".. ......................... Then into town for some shopping at ASDA and Boots etc. I stayed outside being the older more vunerable. Nice to relax and enjoy some sun and fresh air. Hazel got some plants and cream cheese in ASDA and a few bits we were lacking in Quality Save. Exciting stuff eh? No charity shops open yet. Hard to see how they will navigate the social distancing rules and sort out all that germy stuff. Open air markets are due to open so maybe open air boot sales will start soon? We live in hope! I do miss them I must admit. They will have to spread them round the fields a bit more that's all. Money changing hands could be a problem though - no possibilty of using a card ! No, on second thoughts not such a great idea! We have enough junk anyway.

Monday, May 25, 2020

May Day Monday Walk

Nice wander down the road early around 8am. There's lots a of nasty new housing estates being built on one side of the lane but the other side is farm land ( for now ). Next to the River Dane that is very low in water at the moment - quite sad to see. Cracks in the earth make you realise how little rain we have had this Spring. Very hot and sunny today. Skirted the perimeter of the corn field and back along the road by the new estate. A few couples walking dogs but very quiet mostly thankfully. Took a few photos - a selection here. More on facecrack.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Another 15 Minutes Of Fame

Nice to get a mention in this months Tate magazine. Strange though as this article was on the Tate etc. website for at least ten years before it surfaced here? I guess they must be running short of news. There seems to be resurgence in interest in the the mail art movement so that might explain it. I still have some cards left if anybody wants one. They were originaly made after I sent "Arses In Wales" to Boomerang ( who made cards for cinema foyers back in the 80's ) and they liked it so much they commissioned the two extra "Arses in England" and "Arses In Scotland".

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The River Weaver

Nice early walk today to Carey Park , down by the River Weaver and round by the buttercup fields. A few joggers and walkers but thankfully all very courteous and socially distanced. Afterwards to town for some shopping. I sat outside in the sun whilst Hazel popped in Boots for some teeth flossers and Asperins for her Mom etc. Exciting eh?

Monday, May 18, 2020

Screwy Squirrel

Captured with camera running along a branch - one of three squirrels in our garden yesterday. The others too quick to snap! I think they were taunting a cat in the apple tree. Making weird chittering noises. The cat looked baffled!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday - Doodles

Typical Sunday like most week days except for the weakly trip to the Co-op for a few bits before anyone wakes up. Walked up and down outside until Hazel emerged with four bags stuffed with groceries ( some for her Mom and sister ) who are unable to get out. I helped carry bags back home. Fridge and freezer stocked up until next week. Time for a second breakfast. Later we delivered the goods to Granma and Audrey and had a chat at a safe distance. Trimmed the foliage and Hazel did some weeding. Lazy afternoon - watching TV and playing games. Hazel washed the car. More paint on the latest papier mache thingy. A daily doodle - the one copied from a Austrian? matchbox ( might be Hungarian?) Making a nut roast with all the trimmings. No wonder I'm getting so fat!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

New Doodles

From my sketchbook pages.

Marbury Country Park

More walking this morning before it got too busy. The park looked wonderful in the sunshine though it wasa bit nippy. Sat on a bench and watched the clouds changing shape - "ooh look an elephant lying down!" " now it's a hippo!" " that one looks like a smiley face!" " now it's changing into a poodle - or is it a sheep?" ...................................Nice to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. Took a few photos. The garden centre is open now but car park full and a huge Q building up so we turned round and came back. Hazel wants to buy some plants but she's not THAT desperate!

Friday, May 08, 2020

MOT and Another Walk

Hazel had to get the car mot'd today so we went early to the garage and left it with them. They reckoned it would be ready at 1pm so we walked home via the town and along the River Dane through the back estates which thankfully were very quiet except for patriots putting up bunting and union jacks etc. for VE Day ( which actually is today ). Street party going on outside as I write this. A right racket! Vera Lynne at 300 decibels! Anyway, I digress. In town we got a few bits as some shops were open. Then a pleasant walk past some scuptures we'd not seen before. Some dog walkers and joggers. Very quiet mostly I'm pleased to say. The viaduct carrying the Manchester to Chester railway looking very splendid with all the trees in full regalia. After lunch we walked back to the garage to collect the car which had two new front tyres and had been serviced and re-aligned ( whatever that entails?) Not cheap either! Then drove to Hazel's Mom's and Sister's to have a chat and exchange some food stuffs. A handy vege box from their milkman. Sat in the front garden and sokaed up some much needed sun before coming home to the noise and neighbours washing their cars and sunbathing in their front drives etc. All very strange.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Another Walk

Another walk to Carey Park and then into town to get a few medicines and essentials from Boots. Very quite as one would imagine. ASDA and Quality Save seemed busy though but no queues outside as far as I could see. Stayed in the sun whilst Hazel did the shopping. Not venturing into any shops if I can help it. Got my prescription but thats as daring as it gets. The local tip was closed. Cows seemed unaware of what was going on. A few joggers and ramblers but all kept their distance thankfully.

Sunday, May 03, 2020

A Walk In Cheshire

Pleasant walk through the leafy lanes of Cheshire this morning whilst delivering essentials ( biscuits and whole chicken ) to Hazel's Mom and her sister in Lostock. Discovered the small holding we often drive past - with snoring pigs, black sheep and geese. Narrow footpaths so awkward when walkers coming in other direction. Mostly it was very quiet so not really a problem - we just crossed over hoping no tractors would suddenly appear! Hada nice chat to Doreen and Audrey. I sat on the fold up chair whilst Hazel picked dandelions and admired the pansies. Also a nearby creeper thing had come loose and was trailing around looking to trip unsuspecting travellers up! Hazel tied it up with some string which will probably last until the next gale blows!

Can you guess what it is?

Two new papier mache and junk thingies.