Wednesday, November 24, 2021

River Walk

Nice walk this morning down by the River Dane. Also squlched past the Community Orchard (it wasa bit muddy!) and the fishing ponds. Squelch! Didn't see much in the way of wild life - just a couple of sea gulls flying round the ponds. Very quiet. We went back a different route along the river path ( more of a muddy track ) looking at all the doggie paw prints. I think the Hound Of The Baskervilles just went this way! Through the woods , under the railway bridge to the park and playing fields at the top of the hill. Squlch squlch!

Monday, November 22, 2021

Marsden - West Yorkshire

A couple of days in leafy Marsden. Brrr! It was flippin' cold! Had a nice walk around the old church and up the road to see an old mill chimney in someone's front garden. etc. Stopped off in Glossop on way home to stretch our legs and use the "facilties" in Marks and Sparks.Nov. 21st 2021.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Walk Around Anderton And Marbury Garden Centre

Caught photographing Hazel through the greenhouse windows at the Garden Centre. The grumpy owner wanted to know what I was doing. I explained that I was taking a photo of my wife looking at some flowerpots. He looked rather perplexed at this answer but walked away. Later he was more friendly and went on how wonderful the winter flowering thinga-mebobs were and an effort maybe to dismiss the notion that I was some deviant taking surruptitious snaps of strange women through greenhouse windows! Nice walk around Anderton afterwards. Amazing colours of the trees and leaves. Lots of dog walkers and joggers etc. Not too muddy. We sat for a while looking at the River Weaver. Spotted a heron the other side in the reeds but realised it was only a plastic bag caught in some twigs!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Recent Rubber Stamp Carving

Getting ready for the Xmas rush! Hand carved erasers from the Poundshop. Postcards - two variations of inking.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

A Walk Round The Block

This mornings walk around the block after Hazel went to the surgery for her annual flu jab. Only took a few minutes for the jab which was good so I didn't have to wait long outside guarding her bag. It wasa bit misty and wet but the rain had stopped and was quite mild for November. Saw lots of Halloween sweety wrappers on our way down the "conk conk" path - skulls, pumpkinhead, skeletons, witches etc. Someone had obviously been chomping on sugary snacks and dropping the wrappers as they walked to the park ( or back from the park ). Later I have to go for my booster jab so I hope Hazel's arm is OK and she can drive.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Just back from a drizzly day in Altrincham - doing some shopping and picking up Meriel Clarke's work from the Air Gallery. Hada nice wander around the charity shops. Got a few bargains including a film noir boxed set for a quid and packet of bay leaves. Hazel got a big perspex "H" or as the man said who sold it "A big huh!" Had a vege hot dog in the Air gallery cafe and said hello to Scrappy who was pleased to see Hazel in case she had any treats secreted about her person.Train home was 20 minutes late sadly which rather spoiled the day but despite having only two carriages wasn't as packed as we expected. Phew!

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Walk Round The Park

This mornings walk around the local park. Quite mild really but a strong wind blowing the leaves about. We sat on the bench and admired the distant ominous clouds. Watching playful dogs and the circling pigeons.

Saturday, November 06, 2021


Nice morning in Nantwich shopping and having a wander. This photo was from a couple of years ago. The market is still thriving and full of interesting stalls. Got some Xmas presents and vegetables . Round the charity shops and few bargains like the 3 DVD's for a quid - Lord Of The Flies, Changeling and Road To Perdition. It was a bit crowded but most people were wearing masks in all the shops we went into. Home for lunch via the St. Luke's furniture warehouse which also has a book CD and record selection. Hazel bought some multi-coloured cotton.

Thursday, November 04, 2021

Walk To The River

Nice sunny walk to the River Dane this morning. A bit nippy but blinding sunshine. The corn had all been harvested. Saw a flash of turquoise that was possibly a kingfisher or else a very large dragonfly! Blink and you would have missed it. Lovely surprise when we got home - the postman had left a package containing a book from Magda Archer. "Little Artist Boy" is the "perfect panic buy!" and full of witty sayings and mottoes that Magda has found or made up.

Monday, November 01, 2021

Daily Doodles

More pen and hand carved rubber stampings from my sketchbook.