Saturday, October 28, 2017


Nice morning in Chester looking round the charity shops etc. ( the photo is from last time when we saw the sculpture exhibition in the cathedral ) . Got a few bargains including Club Ska 67 album for a quid and a couple of DVD's including Simon Pegg in one called The Man Who Was Scared of Everything? Had a vege sausage rolls for lunch sitting in the sunshine by the Town Hall. There was an "art" exhibition on but dreadful tacky prints and sculptures of unicorns etc. Chaotic scenes at the cross roads where the God squad and the buskers were having a shouting and drumming match! Also people dress up in Halloween garb dancing about and pushing leaflets into your face - most unpleasant! Glad to find a spot in our favourite cafe for a hot chocolate and coffee before wending our way home.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Most dreams just vanish as I wake and as I blink and snuffle under the duvet they evaporate into the morning gloom. I did remember the end of this one today though which i will share with you. Set in a strange library come cavern ( hence the collage approximation ) it was about this bottle of old coins that I kept on a library shelf - the purpose of which was to save up and cash them in at some point. Anyway, I crawled into the library through a narrow rocky path - my head just fitted through. Discovered the bottle had been tampered with while I've been away ( in another dream maybe? ) and all the coins had gone - pilfered! The posh librarians - like something out of Hogwarts agreed the bottle was now empty and it should have had a chain on it ( what good would that do?) . I suggested the contents in future should go to charity. How kind of me! Then it was more crawling around caves and pot holes trying to find a way out. Most unfortunate!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another Visit To Weaver Hall Museum

More from the COLLAGE & CURIOSITY exhibition - on until November 19th.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Boot sale at Tarporley

Slim pickings at the indoor boot sale this morning over at Tarporley community centre. Quite busy but mostly rubbish - even at 5p a pop was too much! DVD's for 10p each but mostly stuff I have already or have no interest in. Just got a stack of blank CD's for two quid. Hazel found some candles, plant, paper lanterns, Sooty eggcup and coronation glass. It's a bit drizzly - big lorries spraying us every five minutes. Glad to get home for half a crumpet and a cuppa!