Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yes, ducks!

Marbury - duck feeding
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Lots of ducks to feed this afternoon at Marbury. Had to get rid of all our stale bread before Roger gets here.

Earlier we had two bootsales to go to. One at Lostock School which was pretty poor - just a few stalls and nothing worth buying. Archie bought a Gorillaz CD and when we tried to play it realised it had a big scratch and jumped all over the place.
Drove to Kingsly Cricket Club for the next one which was a bit more up market out in the wilds of Cheshire. Lots of posh people getting rid of stuff so did get some bargains including a rare Lonnie Donegan EP and an LP by Burl Ives singing some childrens songs amongst other things. I don't think hazel and Archie got much though. Hazel was tempted by a snooker score board made of wood but decided she had enough bric-a-brac.
We just got into the car and driven about 100 yards before the heavens opened so good timing! The rain tipped down and the thunder rolled out and rumbled ominously until we got home.
It brightened up later and so, like I said, we went for a walk to marbury and it seemed that hundreds of others had the same idea. We found out it was a sponsered walk in aid of Muscular Distrophy. The woods were teaming with families and prams and buggies, children and dogs etc. Found some nice shiny conkers. Hazel stooped down to gather a load into her plastic bag. She drilled them all later to take into college for her students.

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