Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weakly Digest

Seven days since my last bloggage. I have forgetten most of what happened so must delve into the few notes made in my diary.
Wednesday seems pretty uneventful. Archie had two more exams. Lots of rain. Finger on the mend.
Thursday I went to town to get Archie an electric razor. I had to borrow my Dad's awful Gillette safety razor I seem to remember for my first shave and ended up covered in bits of bloody tissue.Very attractive. At least Archie is spared that.
Friday I stayed in to do some collaging and washing. Archie went to the prom in the evening. He looked very smart in his new suit. He managed to cadge a lift to the venue with two girls in a huge american black truck with chrome trim. It sounded like a tank pulling up outside.
Went to town on Saturday to get the car serviced and MOT'd. Walked round the shops for a while and got the bus home with Hazel.
Sunday. went to Chelford boot with Hazel and Archie who decided he wanted to go at the last minute. Didnt find a thing . It was far too crowded and hot. Boot Sale Challenge or Car Booty was there filming. Hazel was asked if she wanted to be in the show but she declined. We will have to watch them all now to see if we are glimpsed briefly in the background sorting through old records and junk.
Hazel got a couple of things including an inflatbel bus pillow(?) and a tiny set of scales for weighing letters perhaps. Archie bought a T-shirt with a target on it.
It was so warm we had a bar-b-q for lunch with nice salmon in lime and parsley marinate- vege hot dogs and salad. It was pretty noisy in the garden what with the polish neighbours having a disco and the other noisy lot putting a roof on a new extension we didnt stay outside long. Hazel told the poles off and they turned it down.
Archie did his last exam yesterday and was glad to have finished high school at last. To celebrate he went over to see some friends in the next village.
More blogging and washing. It was so hot it dried outside in no time. The threat of thunderstorms didn't materialise.
I made a pizza and made a rocket salad. Yum!


Roger Stevens said...

Paolo's quite good isn't he? reminds me of Sting a bit and The Police.

wastedpapiers said...

Paolo? I don't even mention him do I?

He is good though. Excellent at Glasto on the TV recently. He's miles better than Sting!