Sunday, June 03, 2018

Vagrants and Weston Boot Sales

Slim pickens at the two boots today alhtough we had fun taking a detour because of some accident or other near the last but one roundabout. Somehow managed to take the right turning without the sat-nav's help and ended up on the right road. Very warm again. Weston cricket club was first - very busy. Din't get much just some CD bags, which are always useful. Also a plastic water pistol for Archie's collection. 20p. Vagrants was a lot quieter and peope were starting to pack up even though it wasn't even 11 o'clock! I didn't find anyhing. Hazel got a few bits and bobs including a thermometer ( for jam?) a hand blown glass jug, some plants, rusty wire and some other stuff. Roads were fine on the way home. Had tomatoes on toast - not the home grown ones Hazel bought at the boot sale but some that had been in the fridge for ages and just about edible. Yum!

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