Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rainy Weekend

Actually it wasn't too bad yesterday - the rain eventually turned up in the evening and spoilt a lot of people's firework parties. Though, around here it still sounded like the Somme! Some bangs were so loud I thought someone had put a firework in our wheelie bin but it turned out to be a neighbour five doors down, so goodness knows what it sounded like in HIS garden!?
This morning it was sunny for a while until we got to the boot sale in Lostock and then the heavens opened so we had a brief window of bargain grabbing opportunity before the plastic sheets where dragged out of car boots and over the stalls and tables of junk. I managed to buy two DVD's = Early Doors -series 2 and Little Miss Sunshine that Ive always wanted to see. Hazel bought some glass candlesticks.
We popped into Granma's for brief chat and dropped some wool off for a Xmas project Hazel wants Audrey to knit for her. Audrey gave us some sweets she's not allowed to have and some mail art to peruse. Granma was still asleep - clever granma!
We drove over to Hartford to another boot sale Betty said was on but saw no sign of it - just as well as the rain was torrential by this time and the windscreen wipers were going full tilt.
So back to the Co-op for a soaking and some breakfast danish pastries and bread.
Now we are back home ofcourse the sky has brightened up and the rain has stopped - typical!


Jonathan said...

We enjoyed "Little Miss Sunshine", which you sent us (Thanks)... I'm sure that you will, too...

wastedpapiers said...

Glad to know you enjoyed it jonathan, My sister said it was funny so have been looking out for a copy ever since. nice to finally track one down despite the awful rainy weather.