Saturday, May 17, 2008

Antique Fair

Hazel and I went to an antique fair at the Crafts Centre this morning. Archie groaned something about being full of cold so he didn't come with us. It was a bit nippier than of late but the rain held off. Sadly the comic stall wasnt there this time so no old Beanos for Archie. We looked through a few postacrds but they were all quite expensive and we see cheaper in Crewe flea market. Hazel bought a silly enamel badge that says "Rounders" which she intends to wear her chest. She's been watching too many "Carry On" films I think!
I didn't find anything but bought a bar of Green and Black's 85% dark chocolate at the sweetie shop. Hazel bought some teeth rotting nougat.
The new neighbours have moved in and seem o.k. so far. We watched them struggling with a huge sofa in the back yard. Hazel opened out gate for them to get better manoeuvrebility and eventually they got it into the house.
Just watching the FA cup final between Portsmouth and Cardiff City. It's half time and Portsmouth are leading 1-0. It's drizzling and Archie has gone upstairs to practice on his keyboard. Scales by the sound of it.

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