Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tatton Park

I forgot my camera today hence the robot picture which is the nearest I can get to Indiana Jones. We went to Knutsford this afternoon to the cinema to see the much hyped Crystal Skull movie which thankfully turned out pretty good despite all the bad reviews. Harrison Ford looked a bit past his best but managed to pull off a few hair raising stunts with the aid of stunt doubles and back projection. It was typical hokum and the 2 hours plus just flew by. Hazel went shopping though as she doesnt like blockbusters ( she fell asleep during Lord Of The Rings!) and so spent three hours going in all the posh clothes shops and the time flew for her she said. So we were all happy.
Afterwards we drove to Tatton Park which was just round the corner to have a pleasant walk to the farm and see the tiny chicks being pulled along by invisible elastic by the proud mother hen. Hazel bought some herby plants at the Garden Shop and we spotted some ART hiding in the trees ( painted branches like antlers ) also the deer nearby that they were based on.
Sat by a small lake and realised we were sat on an ants nest so quickly moved! The Indiana Jones film still fresh in our minds!
There was a lovely old steam driven Galloper type roundabout in the courtyard.
Stopped off at the Co-op on the way home to get some poppadums and lentils for the curry. Jolly nice it was too if I say so myself.

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