Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Charity Shops

This is one of the very few charity shops we HAVEN@T got in Northwich. We have quite few which is one of the reasons I enjoy a walk into town two or three times a week. Apart from the exercise you never know what bargains you might find. None today though.
Betty in Age Concern said she was doing the Cuddington Primary School boot sale on Sunday and that was the only one she knew of, which is unusual as she usually knows lots.
Then along to Help the Aged, Red Cross and Scope. Not a sausage. I've looked through all these old scratchy records before! The Charity Card shop is to revert to a charity shop again apparently as they haven't been doing very well. The trouble is they have serious competition - almost as many card shops as charity shops!
The Oxfam shop didn't have much new stuff. I don't bother looking at the records there anymore as they are so expensive. Posted some packets in the postoffice and then bought some smoked cod for tonights fish pie. Hazel has gone off fish pie but Archie and me really like it- so don't know what she's having!
Then a stroll round the Hospice shop and the other one? which I can never remeber the name of and then to M & S for some butter and bread.
No post yet. Audrey phoned for a chat and told me a long list of plants she'd put into her garden.


That's what it sounded like anyway as i thought about my tea getting cold in the other room.

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