Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interactive Arts

We went to Manchester yesterday to see the Interactive Arts degree show that Hazel works on. It was the opening night and so Hazel was in her special Choo Chin Chow chinese red dress. Hazel travelled up earlier in the day but Archie and I went later in the afternoon. The train was late so pretty typical Friday the 13th! Luckily it wasn't so bad at the opening. Met a few nice poeple like ace animator Andy Sykes (above) who told us about his latest projects and the Ayup Anim Lab at Bradford Museum of Film and TV that he and some friends have taken over.

Here's Archie with some of the varied and interesting work the students have made over the last three years of the Interactive Arts course. Little huts and houses seem to be popular agin this year. Strange sounds were eminating from this log cabin.

After the opening we had a nice pizza at Pizza Hut near the hotel we were staying in and retired for the night. It had been a long day, especially for Hazel.
Today we had breakfast in a greasy spoon type cafe run by Indians or maybe Greek Cypriots? The fried egg on toast came as a sandwich which was unexpected but very tasty.
We went round all the other courses today to see what they had been doing. Embroidery was very good and some interesting work in 3-D design and sculpture. Hazel had to look after the exhibits so couldn't stray far from the main gallery.
For lunch we tried the Noodle Bar which turned out to be very cheap and good. We tried the cheap lunch menu and choose the vegetarian spring rolls and the very hot curry and rice. Hazel and Archie had a king prawn salad which was a mountain of rocket and all manner of other yummy delights. The prawns were cold though. For desert we tried the fruit fritters and ice cream. We shared them as a portion each would have been too much to eat. Also delicious.
Then archie and I walked to the Manchester City Art Gallery which has been extended and re-furbished and looked at the new galleries and interactive childrens gallery in particular. Some nice work from all eras including a lovely Alfred Wallis seascape on a box lid and some Lowrys.
We met Hazel and got the train home at 4-25, by which time we were all exhausted and our feet throbbed with all the walking we had done.

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