Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Postcards From The Ledge

Not really from the ledge but from my sister and family on holiday in Cornwall. They found this card at the Telephone Museum down there. I have taken liberties with it as it amused me to change the letters round and add some collage. I am easily pleased.
We had visitors today, mainly to see Hazel and look round her workshop and the house for a film project. Sounds very exciting in a small way. Maybe an exhibition at the end of it - or the beginning. They seemed to be impressed with all our junk and flotsam. We are used to the walls being crammed with stuff but I can see why it would be an assault on the senses coming here. I always explain that this is nothing compared with our old flat in Lambeth Walk which was like living inside a collage.
I can't remember anything really worth mentioning over the last few days. I shall have to check my very dull diary jottings.
O yes, the gas boiler was serviced on Monday and whilst he was doing that another gasman arrived to check out the leaky fridge which was leaving small pools on the kitchen floor. Seems it was a blocked pipe and he unblogged it easily with a length of curtain wire. We can do that in future and not have to pay cover for such trifling matters. The boiler is a different kettle of fish though - anything goes on that and it costs a small fortune to put right! The boiler was given the o.k. and he then fixed the stove ignition which hasnt been working for years. It turned out to be a flat battery. After he pumped it up it was fine.
Archie is learning Japanese so I went to town and borrowed a Japanese phrasebook from the library which has useful words written phonetically. So now he can ask where the Sushi Bar is and how to find the Rocket Train.

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