Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birdbath Reflections

Here we are having afternoon tea and cakes with Granma Jones and Auntie Audrey. Tried to not eat too many profriteroles and lemon cheese cake with waxy bits on in case it spoiled our appetite for the curry in the evening.
We met our old chums Tony and Penny at the Bengal Dynasty and had a ncie choice of vegetarians main courses and some poppadums, swilled down with Cobra lager. The waiters were a little too attentive as the place was nearly empty and they obviosly had nothing else to do. I can pour my own beer out thankyou! We joked that they may come round and push your jaw up and down to make you chew faster, but thankfully they must have seen that we were uncomfortable with having our napkins placed on our laps and kept a discreet distance.
Afterwards had a coffee, chat and guitar twanging match at our place.

Today it was raining but Hazel and went into town to post some mail and get some fish. Hazel bought smalls in the smalls department of ( urgh! I've just taken a swig of tea and I've put Hazel's two sugars in mine by mistake!) M&S. Then to Matalan for new summer trousers,
This afternoon it was the church fete/bazaar in Lostock Gralam so we picked up Granma nd Audrey to take them. They had been knitting furiosly all week to supply the church with finger puppets and Croc shaped hand warmers. I bought an Italian Horror film for 20p- not the sort of thing for a church fete surely? Also a CD of Santana. Hazel tried the lucky dip and won some soaps and a mystery prize which turned out to be sticky sweets which we disposed of.
The church also had fun and games in and a selection of old implements around the tressle tables including a wind up gramaphone and some old 78's which caught my eye.
I wanted to hear them but it wasn't allowed. The lady vicar in pink cassock told us about the competitions and prizes. Guess the boxer -"He still lives in the village" and Colour In The Bible etc.
Then home to watch a strange and funny chinese film called "Kung Fu Hustle".
Now the football is on again. Should be a good match between Russia and Holland. My money is on the Russians.


Jonathan said...

Prepare yourselves...
I'm going to make you watch
"Chop Phooey" a cut up, reworked video from a made for Chinese TV movie that I was in.

wastedpapiers said...

Sounds like top class entertainment Jonathan! The Kung Fu Hustle film was a hoot - amazing wire work and special effects, a bit like a Tex Avery cartoon at some points! Now looking out for one called "Shaolin Soccer" by the same director.