Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunshine Boots

The boot sale on sunday was fun - over at Cuddington.
It was on a school playing field in the sun.
Just local junk for locals which made it very friendly.
I bought a big roll of sticky address labels.
I found a big pile of postcards on one of the tables.
Hazel bought some too and we had a laugh
At some of the messages written on holiday.
One said "I shall be home at 10:35, can you buy me a ten shilling chickin"
And another which read " My face is burnt, if the weather stays hot it will turn out lovely."

Hazel also bought a small set of drawers to keep her collections of nuts in.

In the afternoon we went to Marbury to feed the duck and have a walk under the cool shadey trees. At the bird hide we saw loads of frisky young squirrels, two rabbits, a jay and a woodpecker. Hazel said it was a bit like walking into a Walt Disney glade. You half expected the woodland creatures to break into song and start juggling with the bread we put down. Also lots of tits, chaffinch and a greedy magpie.

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