Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day (continued)

This is the collaged card that Archie made for me. A chip off the old block. I actually had quite vivid dream about Archie last night who was driving a Post Office van with me as a passenger. It was in London somewhere and we were trying to get back to Lambeth Walk. Archie was drunk and got out to be sick in the gutter. Very odd.
Yesterday went o.k. despite being very cold for June. Almost tempted to put the heating back on. The boot sale was at Anderton. Hazel took the scenic route via Cumberbatch and Marbury. I didnt get much really just a tuppaware box of assorted cheap rubber stamps. Most of them were animals or birds. Also some numbers and letters of the alphabet.
Hazel bought some plants - runner beans and pretty yellow bell like flowers. Met Jack and his Mom just coming away- they didn't find any bargains. They were looking for a petrol driven hedge trimmer for some reason. Surely a steam powered on would be better?
Archie stayed at home in bed. He got up around noon which is typical of holidays and weekends. As well as the card he gave me a nice box of Terry's "All Gold".
My jaw still aches a bit. It only hurts when I laugh.

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