Saturday, June 28, 2008


An amusing video from Interesting 2008 that Nick at MMU went to and enthused over. 20 plus mini talks about "interesting" things including lego, virtual worlds and masks.
Just back fromtown with hazel where we went to the annual Salvation Army Summer Sale. It was pretty crowded so I didn't stay long. I bought a Bad Boys DVD for 25p. In the market I bought three old annuals from the 50's for a quid each- Playbox and Rainbow ( with Tiger Tim ). He's had them on the stall for 8 quid in the past but obviously didn't sell them so a real bargain I think. I will try and uplaod the covers which are beautiful to Flickr if I get a chance.
Hazel bought a postcard album for her Mom and some papery flowers.
If the sun stays out we may go for a walk this afternoon as we have quite a supply of stale and mouldy bread piling up.

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