Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Crewe Flea Market

We drove to Crewe today. Hazel drove and I just sat in the back admiring the view. Audrey came too but Granma stayed at home. Archie was at school learning how to programme games.
The flea market was pretty busy but I didn't find anything really. Tempted by a big pile of old 50's Practical Householder mags in folders but they wanted ten quid which seemed a lot and I only wanted them for the covers and I have some already.
Hazel bought some useful acetelene nozzle prodders. The man on the stall asked her what she thought they were and she said she didnt know and he said- why do you want them then? She explained that she was eccentric and liked collecting old rusty metal things. He told her what they were when she handed over her 50p.
Audrey got a big bag of googly eyes and other assorted stuff. I was supposed to buy cheap glue for her at the Pound Shop but it had closed sadly.
I found a cheap copy of The Flight Of The Conchords first series on double DVD disc- a late birthday present to myself. I missed it when it was on BBC 4 the first time. I expect they will repeat it now I've bought this. Sod's Law.
We watched the first two episodes tonight which was good. I liked the songs especially and this one (above) in particular.
Also found a video of The Gogs ( see Video Bar ) for 25p which Archie and I enjoyed back in the 90's.


Jonathan said...

Don't buy cheap glue...
it won't stick.
Glue isn't expensive to start with...

wastedpapiers said...

I would never buy cheap glue unless it was a well known brand they were selling cheap ofcourse. Audrey has used this Pound Shop glue before and says it does the job so who am I too disagree?

Roger Stevens said...

We went to a pound shop once that only sold hammers. That's because its proprietor had bought and furnished the shop as an elaborate pun on the verb "to pound." Oh, how he used to laugh as he watched the customers come into the shop!

I love the Flight of the Conchords. Especially their live songs in the theatre. Brilliant.

wastedpapiers said...

The pound shop in Chester is much better than the pound shop in Crewe. They dont seem to be a chain but just individual shops that just happen to sell things for a pound. The one in Crewe was pretty awful really though I did buy some useful CD folders there once that In Store sell for 3:99.

Not sure if the live songs in the theatre is on the HBO series? Its on YouTube I know but imagine its a show they did in New Zealand before making it big in the U.S.