Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Hazel and I went to Chester yesterday for a change. Did the Park & Ride thing and got there about 10:30. Hazel went off round the clothes shops to look for a jacket and I did the charity shops. I found a couple of videos- Harold lloyd's "Younger Brother" which I'd never seen and an old Dr. Who "Revenge Of The Cybermen" with Tom Baker. In the Oxfam found a nice EP of Ian Wallace of "Mud , mud, glorious mud!" fame singing more Flanders and Swann ditties including the great "Down Below" about working in the sewers of London. All now uploaded to Boot Sale Sounds audio blog.
We met up by the cross at the top of the High Street just as the Town Cryer was ringing his bell and posing for all the Japanese and American tourists. We'd seen him and heard his awful jokes before so went to get some lunch.
Hazel bought some Pocko sticks and a surprise present for Archie from the Japanese shop. Archie is doing his party peice on guitar and piano tonight at the music evening at school though not very keen.
Then back to the bus stop and home.
In the evening we watched the Coen Bros. "No Country For Old Men" which is a gripping thriller up to a point - the point is lost right at the end which was a shame as we usually like what they do - Fargo, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona etc. but this was pretty depressing. Amazed that it won four Academy Awards! Glad we didn't go to the cinema to see it though the desert scenes would have looked stunning I'm sure.

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